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Chiefs Beat Saints: Earning Their Arrowheads

The Kansas City Chiefs got their first victory of the season Sunday, when they defeated the New Orleans Saints 27-24 in overtime.

We haven’t been able to give out a lot of accolades to players and coaches this season but Sunday the Chiefs finally did some good things. Let’s see what players earned their arrowheads in the victory over the Saints.

Jon Asamoah, Eric Winston, Branden Albert, Ryan Lilja, Rodney Hudson

The offensive line was terrific Sunday. Asamoah had the best day of all of them according to Pro Football Focus and even Rodney Hudson was doing well before he left with an injury. They opened up some huge holes for Jamaal Charles. Special props to Lilja for moving to center and playing well there too.

Nate Euchus

KC’s fullback played 34 snaps and snagged himself a +3.1 frade overall from Pro Football Focus. This was mainly due to his run blocking. Nasty Nate continues to find a way to contribute.

Jamaal Charles

Not much needs to be said here. The Chiefs owe Charles their season.

Brian Daboll

Brian Daboll, like Todd Haley and Charlie Weis, Daboll has finally discovered which side his bread is buttered on. And it is whatever side Jamaal Charles says it is.

He can’t be feeding Charles the ball 33 times every game but hopefully Daboll is realizing now what Charles being on the field will do for his offense. JC is one of those players that, if you can get him going, makes everything else work. Had Matt Cassel been having a better day throwing the football, Daboll wouldn’t have needed to rely on Charles as much late. Still, props to the coordinator for realizing what was going on and continuing to give the ball to the most dangerous weapon on the field.

It saved the season.

Justin Houston

Sunday’s defensive victory begins and ends with Houston. He not only had the best game of his young career but he had the best day of any defender in the NFL. The future is bright for this former third-round pick…huge steal by Scott Pioli.

Derrick Johnson

Solid day by DJ. I also saw him being more active in talking to the other defenders. It was the exact leadership I had said last week had been missing.

Stanford Routt and Brandon Flowers

Both had so/so days in coverage but that was freaking Drew Brees out there. All things considered, KC’s corners manned up and helped minimize the damage. More importantly, both locked things down when it counted in the fourth quarter. Routt interception was key because the Saints were in the scoring zone when he picked off Brees.

Glenn Dorsey

Dorsey had a better than average day against the run. Other than the big run by Sproles, the Chiefs clamped down on the running game, forcing Brees into the not so loving arms of Justin Houston.

Jalil Brown

Brown’s heady special teams play was brilliant and was a key moment in the game.

Ryan Succop

Six for six.

Dustin Colquitt

Brown doesn’t pin the Saints inside their own five if Dustin Colquitt doesn’t give him an opportunity to do so. Sunday’s win was truly a team effort.

Romeo Crennel

Crennel deserved the heat for his team under-performing and so he deserves some credit for their fighting back.

All right, Addicts. Those are the players I think earned their arrowheads. Did I miss anyone?

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  • Soda pop

    I think Eric berry deserves a nod for his solid play on Sunday he hasn’t shaken all the rust off but looked a lot more like his old self

    • Patrick Allen

      Looks like he struggled a bit in pass coverage but I do agree he looked a little more fluid.

  • mike in sd

    I say matt cassel to for making the right plays at the right time

    And also just to be a annoyance to the guys out there that just cant stop hating him an blaiming him for everything

    • tm1946

      I agree. A team win and everyone did their part and share the honors.
      Fry them when they lose and cheer them when they win.

    • Dave in SD

      Matt Cassel threw uncatchable balls and got Dex injured from having to contort to the pass. I would imagine you thought that Seattle won the game last night, not an insult just pointing out the extreme of your opinion. Daboll getting credit is just as misguided. 6 fgs and going for the tie on the road will not work out 9 times out of 10. I’m happy we got away with it but still worried about the long term success this year. Big game next week against SD and for the sake of a Chiefs fan living in San Diego there are so many reasons we need to win this game…………

      • mike in sd

        Wow dave dont u get sarcastic remarkd at all or u just trying to make me luagh that was my comment was it was sarcasm but oh well an as far as blaiming cassel for getting dex hurt cassel did not make the choice for dex to try an catch it that was on him an besides injurys r part og the game

        An hate cassel all u want he is r QB so like i will tell everyone all the crying in the world wont change it an everyone wanting a franchise QB wont happen as long as we have jc on the team dont beleave just go look at what happened to rucky willams an curtis martin when the saints got bress an i beleave ot was ether bledsoe or brady when theymade those the face of the teams

        Oh no i thought green bay got robbed big time last night

        • Dave in SD

          Sarcasm doesn’t come through in text, so used to hearing the excuses for Cassel. I understand he is our QB doesn’t mean I have to support it. Call it crying if you want but I pay for Sunday ticket, go to the KC game here in San Diego and when I visit family in KC I go to games. I don’t troll to hate on Cassel just a fan of the Chiefs voicing and opinion……….

        • Michael Shaw

          Wrong Mike. Dexter McCluster did HIS job of catching the pass. That is what he is paid to do. What Cassel SHOULD have done is throw the lower so that Dex could have turned and gotten plenty of more YAC! That is what Dex is good at IF you have a QB that doesn’t throw the ball too high. We cannot afford for any more of our weapons to go down like they did last year. If Matt keeps throwing the 5 feet above his receivers and MISSING wide open guys like has all season, then Dave is right we are going to have a hard and long season.

          Having said that, the BEST play I have EVER seen Cassel make since arriving to the Chiefs was that 3rd down play where he scrambled and found Baldwin!!! Very heads up and if you look at that pass, again the receiver had to jump 5-6 feet in the air to grab it. It could be that Cassel is trying too hard to prove that KC was wrong for looking at Manning, but he HAS GOT TO GET THOSE passes DOWN! Baldwin, Bowe, McCluster (assuming he is not out for the season), JC, Hillis, Moeaki and Breaston can ALL get plenty of YAC if he can just get more accurate with his passes. Just sayin!


          I just got Direct TV this weekend and it was AWESOME to be able to scream and yell at the TV without people looking at me like I was crazy. I hate going to local San Diego bars to watch games because i am lucky to get one TV for our games. KC BBQ is nice, but I hate the parking down there.

          • Dave in SD

            Maybe we can round up a crew of Chiefs fans in San Diego and adopt a place. They just had a Golf tournament down here for an organization that Dan Saleaumua is affiliated with. Chiefs Nation is alive and well in SoCal…………

      • ArrowFan

        the ground hurt McCluster.

    • ArrowFan

      That third and long play that Matt finaly found Baldwin on after runing around for ever was huge we wouldn’t have won with out it.

  • josh

    Berry deserves 1 for sure. Jimmy Graham had 4 catches for 16 yards

    • Tarkus

      To say nothing of his run support.

  • Nick f

    Im a cassel supporter but bottom line is he needs to quit hanging the receivers out to dry all the over thrown balls are gonna continue to get players hurt

  • ArrowFan

    Euchas was blocking well for a tail back and a rookie playing full back, he needs 15 lbs on him. I can see him getting some runs when the D least exspects it making someone pay.

  • ArrowFan

    Lets not forget the Saints coaching staff and their double TO, that penalty gave us five yards we realy needed at the time.

  • Andy

    Powe played extremely well in stuffing the run.