Why The Chiefs Are Horrible

For the second straight season the Kansas City Chiefs have started the season off by going 0-2 in particularly humiliating fashion. In 2011 it was easy to explain the losses after Todd Haley’s bizarro preseason approach and season-ending injuries to key players like Tony Moeaki, Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles. Chiefs fans (myself included) convinced themselves that the 2012 season opening loss to the Atlanta Falcons was due in large part to the four missing defensive starters (specifically star players Tamba Hali and Brandon Flowers). However, despite the return of Hali and Flowers for Week 2, the defense put up another poor showing against the Buffalo Bills, a team with much less offensive firepower than the Falcons. The offense was equally unimpressive this time around as well.

So what is going on?

Why are the Chiefs so bad?

After watching both games I had my suspicions, but I wanted more proof than just my gut reaction. So I tore into the stats a little bit to see if the numbers supported what I thought I was seeing. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, the numbers confirmed my suspicions 100 percent.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are two main reasons that the Chiefs are off to a horrible start. One has to do with the offense and one with the defense. Before I tell you exactly what these reasons are, I want to be clear about one thing. Matt Cassel is not one of the two main reasons the Chiefs have been horrible this year. I understand that he has turned the ball over. I understand that he has serious flaws in his game, but as I stated last week, we already knew that the Chiefs won’t win if it’s all on Matt Cassel’s shoulders. The team is supposed to win by running the football and playing good defense. Thus far, Cassel has had to carry far too much of the load. That’s not how things were supposed to go this season. Which leads us to the two reasons the Chiefs are off to such a bad start.

Reason #1: The Chiefs’ Run Game Is A Fraud

The Chiefs are averaging 151 yards per game and about 5.3 yards per carry through the first two games of the season. On the surface, those are great numbers. Numbers that if sustained, would put them near the top of the league in rushing at the end of the season. However, these numbers are misleading. The Chiefs simply have not been able to run the ball effectively when the game was on the line.

Here’s the proof:

If you take out the meaningless rushing yards that the Chiefs racked up after the opposing team had the game sealed and started playing strictly a prevent defense it changes those numbers drastically. I subtracted the rushing yards KC got after falling behind 40-17 to Atlanta and 35-3 versus Buffalo. Without those garbage time yards the rushing totals drop from 302 yards on 57 carries to 166 yards on 39 carries. So 45 percent of KC’s rushing yards have come after the other team’s defense has basically stopped trying to stop the run. When you subtract those yards the YPC drops a full yard from 5.3 to 4.3.

Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t stop there. If you subtract the 39 yards rushing by Matt Cassel on QB scrambles, the numbers drop to 36 carries for 127 yards and only 3.5 yards per carry.

So on meaningful rushes by KC’s running backs, the Chiefs are only averaging 3.5 yards per carry. That number by itself just isn’t good enough for a team that is supposed to rely on its running game to move the ball.

Here’s the really scary part (as if those numbers weren’t bad enough):

46 of those 127 yards came on one big play (by Jamaal Charles). So on the other 35 non-garbage time rushes the Chiefs have only gained 81 yards. That’s a pathetic 2.3 yards per carry.

So, 2.3 yards per carry by a team that was hyped as possibly being the best rushing team in all of the NFL before the season began. Now, the offensive line deserves credit for the 46-yard run, so the actual non-garbage time YPC is 3.5, but that 2.3 YPC number does give you an accurate picture of what the run blocking has been like on 97 percent of the meaningful rushes thus far this season. If the Chiefs want to score enough points to win games (especially if the defense is struggling) they must find a way to run the ball before the game is out of hand and that starts up front with the offensive line.

Reason #2: The Sub-Package Defense Has Been A Total Failure

Anyone who has watched every painful snap of the Chiefs first two games would probably state with absolute confidence that the Chiefs defense as a whole has been a total failure. It’s hard to argue with that. I certainly won’t make a case that the Chiefs defense has been great in any aspect, but it seemed to me that the sub-package (specifically when the Chiefs go to two defensive linemen) has been especially bad.

Let me pause here and admit that these numbers are not a complete study on the KC sub-package. When you have an 8 a.m. Monday posting time, it’s hard to do a ton of research after a Sunday game ends. I simply didn’t have enough time to go through and re-watch both games and chart every play that the Chiefs played in their sub-package defense. However, in ESPN’s play-by-play break down, they do note every play that was in the shotgun formation. Since the Chiefs are almost always in their sub-package against the shotgun, I thought this would give me a snapshot of how the sub-package defense is doing. Here is what I found:

Matt Ryan and Ryan Fitzpatrick were a combined 19-26 (73 percent) when throwing from the shotgun. They were a combined 14-24 (58 percent) when throwing from under center. That’s a pretty big difference.

The combined rushing stats for all QB scrambles and RB rushes from the shotgun formation are 17 rushes for 132 yards, that’s 7.8 YPC with three TDs. On the other 42 rushes from under center (or the wildcat) the Chiefs have allowed 153 yards for only 3.6 YPC and ZERO TDs.

Speaking of TDs, six of the eight TDs scored by the opposing offenses were scored from the shotgun formation. I went back and watched the highlights of the other two TDs (both vs. ATL) and even though they weren’t from the shotgun they were both against the Chiefs’ sub-package defense. So all eight TDs allowed by the defense have come against their sub-package.

Those numbers say A LOT. Again, these aren’t the concrete numbers of sub-package vs. base defense, but I think that it clearly shows that this is where the major problem with the defense lies.

Nothing in the sub-package is working. No one is getting pressure on the QB. The two down linemen are consistently out of position and allowing big runs by both the QB and the RBs. As a result, Derrick Johnson and Eric Berry are playing up too close to the line of scrimmage and are leaving huge patches of open field behind them where WRs and TEs are running free all game long.

Johnson and Berry are two of KC’s most talented players, but both have been rendered useless thus far. Johnson’s coverage drops have been especially horrible (one can only hope that he’s not 100 percent back from his ankle injury) and Eric Berry’s talent is being completely wasted because he is playing so close to the line of scrimmage. I get that he is good against the run, but when you put him down that low with only two down linemen to tie up blockers it means he is often taking on offensive linemen, fullbacks, and tight ends that are running free and he can’t roam to the ball to make plays. In my opinion, KC would be better served letting Elam play down there in the box and utilizing Berry’s speed and athleticism in the middle of the field. As it stands, the Chiefs haven’t gained anything from Berry’s return from injury when that should have been one of the biggest upgrades on the team this year.

Some of the failure of the sub-package is on the players for not doing their jobs, but a lot of it has to go on Romeo and the coaching staff for not making adjustments when it is clear that things are not working, AT ALL. If I were New Orleans I would come out on Sunday and run every single play out of the shotgun with multiple WRs and force KC to prove that they can stop me with their sub-package personnel, because unless Romeo can figure out how to do just that, the KC defense is going to continue to struggle.

I wish I saw a simple fix for either of these two issues. To be honest, I don’t really understand why either one is as bad as it is. The Chiefs have Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis in place of Thomas Jones and Jackie Battle AND upgraded from Barry Richardson to Eric Winston and are running the ball much less effectively. On the other side of the ball, the Chiefs shut down Aaron Rodgers and the best passing attack in the NFL last season using almost all sub-package defense. In that game the Chiefs used Kendrick Lewis, Sabby Piscatelli, Brandon Carr, Allen Bailey, and Wallace Gilberry compared to Abram Elam, Eric Berry, Stanford Routt, Dontari Poe and Ropati Pitoitua this year. I understand that there is a lot of turnover there, I just don’t see where there is such a severe drop off in talent that it justifies going from a great defense to a horrible one. My only hope is that all the different players just haven’t “jelled” yet and will come together as the season goes by. I guess the same could go for the offensive line as well.

Regardless, the coaching staff had better figure out a way to address these two issues ASAP, otherwise the fate of the team will continue to rest on the arm of Matt Cassel, and we all know that Cassel’s arm isn’t one that will carry KC to where they want to go unless the rest of the team is holding up their end of the bargain. All we heard coming into the season was how good the Chiefs roster was from 2-53, while the most important position (QB) was where they were “just okay.” Many experts predicted that the Chiefs roster from 2-53 was SOOOO good that they’d overcome the mediocre QB. Well, Cassel has lived up to his end of the bargain and has been “just okay.” The real question is, “What is up with players 2-53?”

That is where the Chiefs must improve (and fast) if they want to salvage this season.

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/claude.grant Claude Grant

    Dashed hopes every year since the ’69 Chiefs. Seems the strength of will, desire, and intensity…are missing. I remember the old Chiefs…and miss them…a long time ago.

    • dongtogolo

      The Super Bowl IV champion Chiefs would like a word with you.

  • Tim-T

    Although not one of the two reasons above – Cassel is still a HUGE problem and its not just his play, it’s his leadership. Look at our last best QB Trent Green…Not the best in any particular skill, but a great leader. The team knows Cassel isn’t ‘the guy’ and they just don’t rally around him, and he doesn’t inspire any rallying either. That’s a huge part of this game – belief and will that anything can happen. Our QB is a placeholder, and everyone knows it. That’s pretty poor leadership in that case.

    • tm1946

      Got a feeling Pioli would not agree with you. After all Cassel passed for more than 300 yard yesterday.
      Wondering, what if the Chiefs are a rushing team in a passing league but Daboll does not know how to do that anyway? What if he only knows the passing side and hasn’t a clue about a running team? What if we have coaches who cannot coach the players Pioli drafted? Square pegs and round holes.

      • Lyle Graversen

        But Daboll was the OC for both Hillis and Reggie Bush when they had the best years of their careers. One would think that shows some ability to gameplan a solid run attack.

        • tm1946

          Of course you are correct. Why is JC on bench and Draughn running the ball? Why are the WR only getting yards after the game is out of hand? Why are Asamoha and Lilja still the starting guards? Last draft we jumped into OL but they are so bad than cannot replace anyone on our roadkill lineman? Supposedly it took Daboll half a year to install his complicated offense in MIA, what hope have we in KC? Maybe he should dumb down his offense until we win a game or two.

          • Spencer

            Asamoah has promise, last year he was ranked 8th overall at guard from either position by a few scouts, im going to look for those sites, Lilja on the other hand needs to be replaced, he is like the weak ass weilgrimm, no strength or explosiveness left in the tank, guy is just TOO small, Albert and Winston on the otherhand in my opinion have been playing good, Hudson ehh could be better

          • KCMikeG

            Because JC hurt his knee. And I agree with your OL analysis and you could even be right on Daboll’s play book.

        • KCMikeG

          Stop speaking facts! It gets in the way of irrational thoughts!

    • Spencer

      also i would state that maybe “in my opinion” the team doesn’t ave faith in cassel, cuz im fairly sure right now the entire team if asked will go the complete opposite of what you stated and i believe they believe in Cassel, do you see players looking at Cassel like what dafuq? why is he our quarterback? hell no……you are justmaking an idiot statement and following the bandwagon of chiefs fans who are pissed right now and blaming it on cassel, also Trent Green was WAY over-rated, i mean he only had the best offensive line from the early 90′s to 2006………with that chiefs line anyone could rack up numbers sitting back there ALL DAY LONG

      • KCMikeG

        How is it all you psychologists “know” what the players are thinking?? Why is it that everyone else’s poor performance is Cassel’s fault? BS – these are professional players making millions of dollars and they need to get there asses out there and earn their pay. Quit giving the passes while piling Cassel. Funny if he isn’t our leader then why are so many blaming him for everything?

  • Michael Shaw

    Sorry but I didn’t see the Atlanta game as I was at sea for work. I did see the debacle from yesterday and Cassel was the biggest problem in my eyes for the offense. Every time he was sacked or hit while throwing the ball the O-line gave him a minimum of 5 seconds to get rid of the ball, throw it away or run with it for positive yards. I understand Matt is not RG3, Michael Vick, Steve Young or Big Ben, however the guy has to be smarter with the football and throw the damn thing away when the count in his head gets to 5 or 6 seconds of having the ball in his hands. Or pull a John Elway act and scramble for positive yardage. That is SMART QB play and we have yet to see this guy show those kinds of smarts!! We got plenty of pass protection, but no run blocking, so I am not sure what we are going to do about our running game. The line that run blocked ok last year with the second coming of I-70 in Richardson, now seems to not be able to block themselves out of a wet paper bag!! And this week doesn’t get ANY easier as we are going up against Drew Brees and Jonathan Vilma. It is going to suck going 0 and 3 this year, but I am now worried that we might not win any of our first 8 games playing like this. How did the 4th best team in our division end up with the second toughest schedule during weeks 1-5???????? I hope the 49ers beat the crap out of Manning and the Donkeys tonight!!!!!!!!!

    • Lyle Graversen

      I’m not saying I think Cassel is good, but the passing game is what we expected it to be. Would it be great to find a great QB to replace him? Sure! My point is that Cassel isn’t playing worse then what most people expected. The run game and defense on the other hand have been MUCH worse then what was predicted.

      • KCMikeG

        The OL gave him a MININUM of 5 seconds?? WTF was he watching the same game we were. Lilja and Asamoah were OWNED and all this guy can see is great blocking? Must be that salt water mist. Could have sworn I saw Cassel scramble for 21 to set us up to score before the half until Hillis fumbled it away. It’s like these fans are robots and when things go bad there is this automatic reflex to ignore ALL reality (where the problems lie) to attack and blame Cassel.

  • tm1946

    Not an answer or excuse but after an injury some football players are never the same again. To many of you were so excited about the 2011 injured would be back to play like in 2010. Well these guys did not come back as a group.
    Would someone explain to me why DJ in pass coverage was sprinting out of the middle of the field leaving it open for a WR to run for a td? I know it is minor but what was happening?
    Lastly, the Chiefs are the 5th ranked offense in the NFL. Bring on the superbowl.

  • Chief Hokie

    1. Offense: The offensive weapons are fine, we need a new QB. Enough of the excuses for Cassel already. He needs to be replaced and that needs to be this team’s #1 priority. I know there isn’t much to chose from out there, but that’s why Pioli get’s paid the big bucks – he needs to make something happen. Trade away some first round picks and draft Barkley. Or get that Tyrod Taylor kid from Baltimore. Just do something BOLD, something that shows that Chief’s management still has a pulse.

    2. Defense: Like others have said, the defensive scheme does not fit the players we have. Time to switch it up, maybe move to a 4-3. Place a higher emphasis on the pass rush and less on our secondary. Just do something! Make adjustments!

    3. Coaching/management: Our game planning has been atrocious, especially on defense. We show no signs of adjusting to what the other team is throwing at us. We have been manhandled two weeks in a row now. Romeo needs to show more innovation and he needs to get his players fired up. Pioli needs to stop pussyfooting around the QB situation. And Clark Hunt HAS to be part of the problem. I can’t imagine Pioli wanting to damage his reputation as a GM for the sake of saving a few dollars, but I could see Clark doing this. It boggles me though, because you’d think owning a superbowl caliber team would make you much more money than a team that gets blown out by the Bills two years in a row.

    There are many problems on this team. There’s much to be done, and I’m not sure the people we have running the show have the cajones, the drive, or the competence to do it.

  • Chiefswatch

    Jarred Allen, Tamba Hali, and Mario Williams all have zero sacks so far. Shotgun combined with holding is the reason we cant get pressure. The blame falls on these replacement officials and is a large part of why these weird upsets are happening all over the league (not saying this is one of those, we just suck). Holding is no longer called so elite pass rushers are pretty much useless. Only the marquee games get any sort of talent in the officiating pool such as GB versus Chicago or the Giants and Cowboys. Games like Chiefs v Bills we are lucky to have officials that had Friday off from teaching middle school. ……………. We cant run because Daboll is an idiot with all his craziness. Here is an idea feed the ball to Charles it will pay off. Larger than that is this Oline cant create even a crease for the backs to run through. JC needs little room to run, which was why he looked so good when compared to Larry Johnson, but the Oline cant even get him that. And you are wrong Cassel blows as much as the Oline but not as much as the defense right now.

    • KCMikeG

      You must be right as our Super Star Hali was invisible as his sidekick Houston. So I guess our OL better start practicing holding so they are great at it because otherwise “feeding” Charles will just end his career. Cassel’s blowing is directly related to the OL blowing first and frequently.

      • Chiefswatch

        The Oline has given him time to throw frequently even on the sacks he takes. The problem with Cassel is he needs more time to throw than say Matt Ryan or Peyton Manning. What can be done in four seconds with these guys takes 8 for Cassel.

        • fat dave

          nobody is getting open!

    • fat dave

      Hillis had no problem running of course he had to use power but when the game was still in hand he was averaging close to 4 ypc, go look at the coaches film if you have access, its available now if you buy the package. Charles looks hhesitant to make cuts, it seemed like he didn’t want to cut to the right, on the stretch play there was a wide open space, all he had to do was make the cut, he got went further to the left and lost yards, when he got a crease he should have exploded, but was tackled as he slowly moved through the second level. Only one good play, a 46 yarder where he was caught from behind. He couldn’t shake linebackers man on man coverage, they should not let him on the field against the 0-2 Saints who have an interim interim head coach, let the knee heal, Hillis is doing fine, the only drives that didn’t go 3 and out were with Hillis

  • micah stephenson

    Chiefs are bad cus Cassel is the QB. If we had a 1st rd QB there is noway chiefs give up 200 yrds rushn, 35 pts & 0 sacks by the defense. Its Cassels fualt JC had 3 yrds rushn. Its Cassels fualt the oline cant run or pass block. Its Cassels fualt special teams keep givin up long returns. Its Cassels fualt the team is millions under the cap but wont sign anybody. Its Cassels fualt he was sacked 5-6 times. Its Cassels fualt Daboll aint callin good plays. Its all Cassels fualt. Untill we get a 1st rd QB its all Cassels fualt and not any of the other 52 players.

    • Chiefswatch

      Nobody says that. Everyone with a brain knows the defense is absolutely terrible right now. Everyone with eyes can see the Oline cannot run block at all. Special teams is a disaster. That being said Cassel is ALSO a major problem with this team. Time to acknowledge the truth as Patrick did in his most recent post. Cassel is just not any good.

      • micah stephenson

        Yea thats y i said get rid of Cassel and trade 3,4,5,6,7 1st rd draft picks wateva it takes to move up and get the Best QB in the draft. Chiefs shud hav drafted Sanchez, Tebow, Weeden, or wateva 1st rd QB was available wen it was they pick the last few drafts. If they had we wudnt b having any of these problems right now. Just look at the difference Ponder, Locker, Gabbert, Sanchez, and Newton, made for they teams. They all missed the playoffs last yr.

        • Chiefswatch

          Lol the fact that you included Newton in that statement makes it completely nonsensical.

          • micah stephenson

            I jus threw Newton in thur cus out of those QBs he had the best stats but it didnt equate to a playoff wins

    • Chief Hokie

      Most of us don’t think this is purely Cassel’s “fualt.” There is plenty of fault to go around, but when the QB is the most important piece of the puzzle it is understandable why fans are displeased with Pioli’s neglect of the position. To run a team where virtually every position besides the QB must play well is only asking for trouble. If you have a solid QB, you can get away with WR’s, RB’s, the OL, and even the defense having off days (maybe not all at the same time). A franchise QB makes up for an offense’s deficiencies. Just look at what Luck, RGIII, and Cam Newton have done for their respective teams! With a mediocre QB like Cassel, we put all the pressure on every other facet of the team producing, just to keep our head above water. I’m not saying he’s the only problem of this team, but he is the one position that, if improved, would “put us in the best position to win games.” I know you are a huge supporter of Cassel, and I can respect your loyalty to him – I used to have the same attitude – but sooner or later you need to come to the realization that there will be no fairy-tale end to Cassel’s reign in KC.

      • Danny W

        Micah doesn’t listen to reason or facts just himself and the hope that he was right and everyone else is wrong so that it strokes his ego that way.

        • micah stephenson

          No I listen to reason and facts. The facts are as long as Cassel is QB every problem and loss this team has is his fualt. Cassel sucks! He showed that wen he had neva started a game and came in for T.Brady and won 11 games. Of corse NE has a winning progam and im sure none of the 11 wins was becuase Of Cassel. The 5 losses was his fualt tho. We need a 1st rd QB now! It will b ok if a 1st rd QB gets sacked to death, or throws an Int cuss the DBs our on our wrs like white on rice, or cant keep scoring the 40 to 50 pts its gone take to win wit the D playing like this. Chiefs need to go 0-16 & get Barkley. Barkley aint as good as Luck or RG3 but he is a 1st rd QB, which wud solve ALL the problems.

          • Chief Hokie

            Exactly. You’re finally getting it!

          • micah stephenson

            Yea im finally see n the light. Jus saw the bills kick return for a td on ESPNs top ten plays. If we only had a 1st rd QB that wud not hav happened!

      • micah stephenson

        I hav nothing to say but it all Cassels fualt. If we had a 1st rd QB then mayby the Oline will start to pass and run block. A 1st rd QB cud make the wrs hav more speed an create seperation and not drop passes. A 1st rd QB can rush for 150 yrds and pass for 400(the 301 yards cassel had aint good enough). A 1st rd QB cud even play defense and force a punt before 8 st8 scoring drives againt ATL. A 1st rd QB wud have stoped spiller from having 200 yrds rushin.

    • Danny W

      You were running your mouth about how good this team was going to be this year. Just clinging to the one string that is Matt Cassel aye. Good luck.

      • micah stephenson

        Uh no. Im done wit Cassel. Im like all the people who wanted R.Stanzi to play till they actually saw him play. Then it was please put Cassel back in. Palko had to run for his life. Stanzi had to run for his life in preseason. Cassel been runing for his ever sinse he arrived in kc. Back in the day a back up bum QB in trent Green turned into Payton Manning wen we had a really good oline. Back up nobody P.Holmes turns into one of the most dangerous rbs in the NFL wit a good oline. Kennison and Morton wur cast offs nobody wanted. They turned in to potent weapons wit a great oline. Even LJ and RB D.Blaylock cud get in the game and rip off big runs. Untill we can run/pass block no QB is gone b any good. But its ALL Cassels fualt. For 3 yrs now we all been siting at arrowhead watching Cassel hav all day siting in a clean pocket, wit wrs runing wide open all ova the field waving they hands like cant u see how open I am. He just cant see them. He cant pass deep. If he does the wind musta blew the ball that far downfield. Cassel is Garbage! Haley is gone. Cassel is next. Who will b the next scapegoat? If we cuda traded 2 or 3 1st rd picks and moved up for Tannehill or just drafted B.Weeden we wudnt b having none of these problems right now!!! :(

        • Guest

          So you want to stick with Cassel? Thats just fucking stupid. How about you just acknowledge the QB position has to be fixed along with everything else.

    • Guest

      Just pointing out the OTHER problems with the team does nothing to lessen how shitty it is having Cassel on the field.

  • mugglemage

    Thanks for that, can we all at least come to that about Cassel? I was right there screaming at him along with most of you, and then EVERY time it looked like he made a boneheaded play the camera panned out and the receivers are just standing there or are actively NOT getting open. It takes 2 to complete a pass, and if Cassel has to throw it to himself every play his stats will go up (marginally, I have to assume he would drop a few there too) but we will lose every game, and that’s how this team looks right now. I played for the Missouri Mustangs a few years ago, and after a clunker like that we had to shovel snow and run sprints and THEN practice. Maybe humiliating some of the Chiefs would have a similar outcome (We played Omaha after that and whomped them 46-12)… Romeo, make them clean up trash or put away their own gear, or make them run laps around the parking lot in their full gear until the bus is warmed up, it looks like you have a bunch of overpriced losers who believe the hype people throw at them. Much like Green Bay last year, they think their rep will win games. How’s that workin so far?

    • KCMikeG

      Great post!

    • Danny W

      That’s a big question. Can Crennel play the bad guy or is he the Beta male grandpa. If he doesn’t do something then he will be the first coach fired this year. It’s likely we could go 0-6 so it’s time we started looking around for sure.

    • Chiefswatch

      The top of this comment is absurd. Receivers ARE getting open all over the field and in the end zone and tunnel visioned Cassel does not see them. I like that you emphasized EVERY to make sure we know you are full of shit. How about that interception he threw into triple coverage when Jamaal was wide open underneath? How about that missed throw to a wide open Bowe which would have easily gone for a TD? How about that back shoulder throw when he should have tossed it in front of Moeki? What about the numerous times I have seen Baldwin or Breaston open only to see Cassel locked in on McCluster or Bowe. “it takes 2 to complete a pass” what bullshit.

  • ArrowFan

    Our D just isn’t ready

    • KCMikeG

      Better put it back in the oven.

  • KCMikeG

    Excellent post Lyle! Spot on the biggest problems with the addition of Unspecial teams.

  • Danny W

    Pretty good read brother. There is some sort of motivational issue with the club right now. For some reason if they get down they just all seem to quit. Your right that it’s not solely on Cassel right now and thats one half positive. To me if you have this much physcial talent on paper and it’s not (gelling) as you call it then coaches need to be held accountable more than anyone.

  • Guest

    Nice read. We can go through an entire list of problems each and every day. However Cassel is at the top of the list of problems. Take away that idiots horrible throws, missed throws, interceptions and fumbles and the result of a couple of the games could have been different. How you can understate how terrible he is to the team is baffling. The fail argument that he needs to have every single thing around him working flawlessly to succeed is sickening. I know this: even if every single piece of the team was working great, Cassel could not beat a stout defense. Yes we need to fix the Dline, yes we need to learn how to run block, but my god do we need a change at QB. Just saying “well we knew he couldnt do it alone” does not in any way lessen just how terrible he has been going back to week 16 of 2010. He may not be the sole reason we are losing, but he is the main reason. He is not someone we can work around. Saying that we can have a shit QB if the rest of the team is great is nonsense. Look at the list of Conference champions recently and tell me that is possible. Think god almighty everyone is starting to realize that because finally we are going to get a replacement to this turd. Cassel is a barrier to success and unlike the Dline, Oline, Secondary no amount of years is going to fix that.

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