NFL Salary Cap: Chiefs Still Have Money To Spend

The NFL salary cap numbers have been released thanks to the folks over at Pro Football Talk and it looks as if the Kansas City Chiefs still have plenty of cash to spend this season.

Here is a look at the breakdown of where each team is at:

Jaguars:  $28.7 million.

Chiefs:  $26.6 million.

Eagles:  $20.2 million.

Titans:  $17.0 million.

Bengals:  $15.2 million.

Buccaneers:  $14.9 million.

Browns:  $13.3 million.

Seahawks:  $13.2 million.

Packers:  $11.6 million.

Broncos:  $11.1 million.

Colts:  $10.1 million.

Patriots:  $10.0 million.

Cardinals:  $10.0 million.

Panthers:  $9.2 million.

Vikings:  $8.9 million.

Saints:  $8.2 million.

Jets:  $8.1 million.

Bills:  $7.9 million.

Redskins:  $7.5 million.

Bears:  $6.3 million.

Raiders:  $6.0 million.

Cowboys:  $5.3 million.

Ravens:  $5.3 million.

Steelers:  $4.5 million.

Chargers:  $4.1 million.

Dolphins:  $4.0 million.

Rams:  $4.0 million.

Giants:  $3.6 million.

49ers:  $3.5 million.

Falcons:  $3.4 million.

Lions:  $2.3 million.

Texans:  $2.3 million.

The Chiefs carried over a lot of money that they didn’t spend last season to this season so they’ve continued to keep their payroll low, despite bringing in a number of free agents and re-signing their own players.

You can look at this as a good thing or a bad thing. On the positive, the Chiefs have put together what we think is a very good team without breaking the bank, giving them maximum flexibility. On the other hand, you could look at the departure of Brandon Carr and the lack of a contract for Dwayne Bowe and scratch your head.

At this point, there aren’t really any players to spend this money on, unless the Chiefs plan on making some big trade before the deadline. As we’ve seen, spending tons of cash (Al Davis, Dan Snyder) doesn’t always lead to wins on the field. With guys like Branden Albert and Glenn Dorsey set to become free agents next season, I am ok with the Chiefs hanging on to some extra coin. For now, it is time to see what the Chiefs have on the field in real games. In a few short weeks, we’ll know where the money might best be spent.

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  • mike

    well if we have 26 million left go get some corners cuz if even one of are two starters cant go we are screwed, and its gonna be a long season. and from the looks of preseason are backup corners get dusted

  • chiefridgy

    We should have paid Bowe and Carr

  • tm1946

    I can support not spending to have money for Albert and Dorsey, although not sure even the Chiefs are fond of Dorsey, not really a fit for the Crennel defense.
    But there was money for Carr. Look what we would have had with Flowers, Carr, and Rout as the first three DBs. Spilt milk but when money is the point over wins this is what you get. Money in the bank, and bad backups who cannot fill in for starters….ie Brown, burnt toast.

  • Derek Jamison

    Letting Carr go was a huge mistake, especially when you see how much money they have. Other than that our offseason was brilliant. Not having Carr though is going to hurt the chiefs big time this year. Might not of been up to the chiefs though either, Carr might of just wanted a change of scenery.

  • Bruce S

    The Chiefs are more interested in the bottom line than the standings.

  • Jim Harper

    I can’t believe everyone is still bitching about not getting Carr. First off he was very vocal that he wanted to play for the Cowboys. Secondly he wanted more money than Flowers and was NOT as good as Flowers,so there was no way this was going to get done so get over it! Now Pioli is a smart GM, and don’t you think he sees that Cassel is not going to take us there and maybe just maybe he is smart enough to sand bag some cash to get the QB that we all want next year? So before busting Pioli’s chops, give the guy a chance to complete his plan.