Chiefs Fall To Packers 24-3

The Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Packers tonight, finishing the preseason with a record of 1-3.

We didn’t learn a whole lot about the Chiefs tonight because the starters only played briefly, but here are some observations from the game.

1. The Chiefs got back to running the ball. If last week was about the pass, this week was about establishing the run. KC came out and shoved the ball down Green Bay’s throat. Jamaal Charles, Peyton Hillis and the offensive line all looked good.

2. Matt Cassel completed one pass and then Romeo yanked him. I am okay with that.

3. Nate Eachus got a couple of looks with the starting group tonight. One sweep play kind of hung him out to dry and he was hit for a loss. Still, he had some decent runs and played most of the game. He runs hard and could be a prime candidate to make the practice squad.

4. Brady Quinn was fairly effective. He threw a pick in the red zone but he is still far and away the second best QB on the team. He was able to move the ball a bit with some of the starters on the field so that is a good sign.

5. Ricky Stanzi is just bad.

6. Alex Tanney got into the game briefly but was then replaced by Ricky Stanzi. He did complete a 46-yard pass but it was wiped out by a holding penalty.

7. I’ll have to review the tape but I thought Dontari Poe did a pretty nice job of holding his ground tonight.

8. Shaun Draughn had some nice runs as well, though some of those came against Green Bay’s reserves. Still, he showed some nice moves and will likely make the team if the Chiefs keep four RBs.

9. The Chiefs need to be careful of their penalties. A lot of them came when the reserves were on the field but the starters got a few as well.

10. Jake O’Connell and Donald Washington. I think we may have seen the last of at least one of these guys. Possibly both.

11. KC’s reserve defensive backs are bad. Thankfully, most of them will be cut.

The Chiefs looked decent on both offense and defense while there starters were on the field. The important thing was that they played well enough to wash the bad taste of last week’s loss to the Seahawks out of their mouths.

Frankly, I don’t know what to make of this Chiefs team. In 2009 and 2011 I was sure the Chiefs were in trouble after watching the preseason. In 2010, I could tell the team was greatly improved and I had a good feeling about them.

This season? I think they could go either way.

I guess we’ll find out in about a week and a half.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more coverage. The Chiefs will likely trim their roster tomorrow at some point. Be sure to check AA frequently tomorrow for updates on the final 53.

What did you guys see tonight?

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  • Calchiefsfan

    Our 1st team offense executes much better than last year. Our running game might end up being the best in the NFL again. We have a much better group of receivers this year, better than we’ve had in many many years.
    The 1st team D looked a lot better than last week. Maybe they made the right adjustments to playing without Flowers.
    Atlanta will be tough, especially if Flowers can’t play.
    I still expect us to win the AFC West. Nothing I’ve seen in the preseason has changed my expectations.

  • ArrowFan

    I’m not sure if Eachus isn’t better than Drone?

  • ArrowFan

    We are developing one of the best O lines in the league.

  • Arrowhead Magic

    I wasn’t able to watch the game but from what I’ve heard our 1st team did pretty well, and that’s good enough for me. I hope flowers and lewis can play come week one, and that we can still generate a pass rush without hali, but other than that I am not worried.

  • sidibe

    I feel good about KC moving into the season. #1 D held GB’s starters to 3 and outs. Offense ran the ball. Cassell still knows what Bowe looks like.

    Daboll’s approach this preseason has been interesting. Each game has focused an aspect of the O (TE’s in game 1, Dex in 2 (is that right?), WRs in 3, running game in 4 and somewhat in 1). I would like to see at least 1 of Lewis/Flowers on the field against Atl, but the team looks good.

  • KCMikeG

    I think Eachus should make the team and Gray go practice squad or if we keep Gray then keep Eachus as FB – See Ya O’Connell. You are so right on Washington – worst performance to date – See Ya & please take Fenner with you.

    Newsome looked bad numerous times inc. giving up on the pattern that caused Quinn’s pick – Bellamy played up to his camp showings. Wylie danced around on one kick and fair caught another WTF?

    I think Succop Sucks, he has looked terrible in camp and preseason and we won’t win playoff games with a K who can’t be counted on beyond the 45.

    I Pray we get Flowers and Lewis back NOW as even though our back up DB’s aren’t Brown or Sabby they are struggling. Routt had a nice pick that didn’t count.

    Ricky is struggling (throw the damn ball Stanzi) but WTF was the OL doing? Patterson, Rangin, Mims, Brugemann Ugh! The after numerous runs for his life on the last two plays in a row DL came in untouched giving him no chance at all.
    I think Matt Cassel looks great – 100% completion % tonight – no but really in command of our offense. I think Tanney looks more composed in the pocket than Stanzi – so much for the Stanzi City Chiefs? Maneri is our THIRD TE – incredible depth there that will be a force. Speaking of forces – Charles and Hillis both will be huge performers. McCluster will explode and our WR/TE will be used to perfection by Daboll. The OL continues to gel and excel – 247 yards rushing tonight with only 9 carries total between Hillis & Charles!
    Our ST’s have the potential to make game changing plays and it will be Arenas who takes it to the house 1st.
    Our D showed up and shut down the GB starters the entire1st quarter. The Po Bros are getting better and Jackson was a force out there tonight. Ed Jones is ready for primetime – sorry Studie or Sheffield.
    Hopefully we have taken our share of lumps and can stay healthy. And enough with the craziness – Tanney = Orton = fingered, Baldwin fumbling his 1st catch, we block a punt for a 1st down for GB? WTF?? Just as I was about to say the sub refs were looking better it all went south – GB’s WR’s pushed off and our DB’s got penalized. How about their LB #54 was offside and they let him go unabated into Stanzi’s back – WTF? so much for protecting the QB position and for the importance of player safety. NFL needs to knock off the power play and give the refs their pension plan.
    Are you ready for some football? I sure am! GO CHIEFS!!

    • steve james

      My thoughts on the refs exactly. Pay them. I hate to think of replacement refs costing us the home opener or getting some one hurt.

    • ArrowFan

      Just wait until the Refs cost Dallas or New York a game then something will get done.

      • tm1946

        If you think the owners care about fans or the Dall/NY game, you have not been paying attention. The owners are bulletproof right now.

        • ArrowFan

          I’m saying when it costs the owners a win then they will put some pressure on the league office to get a deal done. Not to mention what the media would do. However if the mistakes only effect small market teams like us then nothing will be said or done.

  • Blade32

    A few things we’ve learned this preseason are…1 we can’t wait for Brandon Flowers to come back (example, the Seahawks game almost every pass in the first half was against the corner who stepped in for Flowers). 2 we don’t have a much depth ready to step in and take over as previously thought. 3 Matt Cassell can be efficient in the right offense. 4 we still have work to do in learning the offense…but it is still better than lastyear.

    I’m not in panic mode or overly optimistic about the team, but do believe we can be a good team if it comes together.


  • DoubleD

    I agree that Poe did pretty good playing alongside 1st stringers. Not bad at all for rook NT with only 4 preseason games under his belt. Hopefully he continues to develop and improve his technique, he thinks less, and the game slows down for him as the season progresses. I don’t care who you are and where you got picked in the draft, few (if any) lineman can come in on day one and play like a stud. Bottom line, I believe the more Poe plays and continues to dedicate himself to his craft, the better he’ll get. No real reason to think he won’t be a monster at his position some day, hopefully sooner rather than later.
    This officiating situation is cheating fans and players alike and more than anything putting guys health and livelihood at risk. The current situation is completely untenable and frankly immoral. The NFL, as an organization, looks really bad evil for perpetuating it.
    I’m pretty much okay with what I saw last night. Mostly just concerned about key injuries at this point. That, and having Hali automatically out, are pressing concerns for that Falcons game.