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Dwayne Bowe Signs Franchise Tender

The Kansas City Chiefs have confirmed that WR Dwayne Bowe has signed his franchise tender. He will now officially join the team and has been added to the 90-man roster.


Just like we predicted, Bowe signed his tender the very second the Chiefs concluded their training camp practices in St. Joe.

Bowe will now have to spend the next couple of weeks trying to catch up with Brian Daboll’s offense. He likely has had the playbook for a while, but there is no telling how much he has studied it. Also, since Bowe didn’t attend any of the OTA practices earlier this offseason, he is likely to be far behind his teammates.

But don’t expect that to matter to head coach Romeo Crennel and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. They are likely thrilled to have a weapon like Bowe back in the fold and I am sure they will spend considerable time getting him comfortable with the new scheme.

There is almost no chance of Bowe playing in this weekend’s game against the St. Louis Rams but he will be able to see action in the final two preseason games against the Seahawks and Packers.

The Kansas City Chiefs are at full strength!

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  • chiefridgy

    The heavens just opened up and I saw a dove emerge carrying an olive branch….GO CHIEFS!!!

  • jesse o


  • Derek Jamison

    Alright bowe…time to go earn your 2013 paycheck.

  • Altarium

    And so begins Bowe’s last season with the Chiefs. Better play well!

  • MrChiefsFan

    I am glad to have Bowe back in the fold, however I am disappointed in him. He showed a lack of character. Not by skipping camp, a lot of veterans will do that if given an opportunity, but by saying that “he would be in camp this year” when asked about progress on his deal. That made most of the fan base expect him to be there, long term contract or not.

    • KC_Fanactic69

      My sentiments exactly.

    • Lenny Lieurance

      Yeah, but its not like it was the first time Bowe said something without thinking it through.

  • Sarah Thomas

    About Time!!! whooohooooo Go Chiefs!

  • DoubleD

    I wonder if Bowe was further motivated by the fact that the longer he waited, the more likely it would be that he would have to fight/wait for a starting job? Consider this – Baldwin as #1, Breaston as #2, McCluster in the slot. Not that bad of a starting line up right there.


      I agree, but with Bowe in there, this offense is just plain scary! I think that everyone is glad to see Bowe back. Not for any other reason than he just makes the Chiefs that much better.

    • BigGil

      Yeah, I’m thinking mismatches won’t be a problem for Daboll… unless he tries to get too fancy..

  • KC_Fanactic69

    My biggest questions about Bowe now are;

    1.) Will we see a highly commited player who has improved and keeps improving or a player just playing out the season hoping for a huge guaranteed contract for next year with another team?

    2.) Did Pioli have to agree to a clause promising not to Franchise Bowe again next year?

    3.) Did the Chiefs have to pay Bowe more than the league minimum tender in order to get him to sign.

    4.) If Pioli did NOT agree to a clause which would make Bowe a free agent next year, are the Chiefs going to be able to sign him to a long term deal, or will they franchise tag him again next year, or let him walk?

    • Calchiefsfan

      1) I would think he’ll be playing for that long term contract so we’ll see maximum effort.
      2) We’ll find out soon enough but interesting thought
      3) Seeing how Pioli operates, I doubt it.
      4) Depends on the year Bowe has. Pioli will have several months after the season ends to get Bowe signed to a long term contract before the Chiefs have to commit to franchising him.


      1.) Bowe will be as motivated as possible. If he has the year that many think he is capable of, he is looking at a huge payday, either in KC or with some team that needs a #1 guy. In any case, the Chiefs benefit. They can franchise him again, or trade him for picks, and that price could be high.
      2.) Pioli cannot promise anything regarding Bowe being re-franchised again next year.
      3.) The Chiefs had to pay no more or less than the league tender, which is 9.515 Mil.
      4.) The Chiefs could do any of those things, but they have other players coming up for a new contract, one of which is Brandon Albert. He could be franchised. Your question is predicated on what kind of year Bowe has. If it is a big year, then Pioli may think of a trade for picks. Barring that, he may look to keep Bowe. My personal feeling is that the Chiefs would look at a trade. But at this point, it is all speculation.

      • KC_Fanactic69

        The Chiefs CANNOT trade Bowe UNLESS he is under contract! His current 1yr contract (the one he just signed) EXPIRES at the end of the last game of this season (ie, it does NOT extend into the off season, not even by one minute) To make matters even more interesting a team is NOT allowed to extend that 1 yr Franchise Tag Contract.

        That is BIG misunderstanding by a lot of fans. The league rules allow for a team to grant a player a 1 yr contract in excess of the minimum for the Franchise tag. The minimum salary required is just that, the MINIMUM!

        You’re wrong yet agin, a player & his agent may negotiate ALL sorts of clauses into a 1 yr Franchise player contract. This is done all the time! One of the favorite things is a clause preventing the current team from reassigning the Franchise Tag to a player again. In fact Pioli has done this before when he was in New England. That particular player was exempted from being re-franchised if the team won 12 games or more & the player played over a certain percentage of snaps during the season. This player did and left the team the following season. That player was DB Asante Samuels. There was a lot of speculation that this was a major hold up in
        Bowe signing his Franchise tender contract.

        I am very well aware of all the other players we have coming upon the end of their contracts, such as Alberts & Dorsey to name two. There are a number more than that, but those are probably the 2 most important besides Bowe.

        If you’d like links to the new CBA & current League Rules I can provide those. Or you can Google them. Both are readily available on the internet.

        • BigGil

          Yes… to all

    • KCMikeG

      1. Yes because he won’t get the big payday unless he puts up big numbers. Seriously take out his 2010 numbers and tell me he is worth over $10M. He has to have another big year to show 2010 wasn’t a fluke for TD’s.
      2. No way Pioli let’s him walk w/o getting compensated.
      3. If they did I hope it was ALL in performance incentives.
      4. Long term looks unlikely unless Bowe blows it up AND we make a run in the playoffs – then I could see us paying him long term AND him wanting to stay.

  • Danny W

    Some where over DwyaneBowe the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl!

  • Calchiefsfan

    Great to hear. Did anyone notice Baldwin getting double teamed in the AZ game? Who are they going to double up on now?
    I would guess Bowe has enough time to get into shape and learn enough of Daboll’s system to be effective against Atlanta. At least I hope so. Everyone is really talking up the Falcons. They are going to be tough.

    • Norman Gunn

      Falcons will get their asses whipped..

      • Calchiefsfan

        Arrowhead will be rockin!

      • dongtogolo

        Roddy White and Julio Jones don’t play. Flowers had better be ready, and Routt had better be steady. We’ll need good pressure from the front 7 to win this game. You know Atl will be coming here planning on winning. Cassel and crew don’t want to fall behind in this ballgame.

    • BigGil

      Offensively, yes. But the KC D stalled Rodgers and Ben last year very effectively. Stalling Ryan will be tough, but doable. The loss of Lofton will hurt ATL’s D. KC may have to put up 20 points to beat ‘em, but I think it can be done. Biggest concern should be whether or not Flowers is healthy by then…

  • Norman Gunn

    We are stacked at wide receiver. Who would’ve thunk that the two wideouts drafted might not even make the team. We are damn near stacked at every position.

    • Norman Gunn

      And with Cassel/Bowe chemistry I believe Bowe will catch up just fine.

  • Chewbacca

    Drat! I bet Han 1000 credits he wouldn’t sign until September.

  • ArrowFan

    He didn’t want to sleep in a dorm and sweet the heat, and anyone who thinks that he hasn’t had a play book or Romeo and or Daybull havent been in contact with him are crazy.

  • ArrowFan

    Winston would do the same in a heart beat if given the chance.

  • dongtogolo

    Great to have DBowe back! Baldwin should get single coverage now that Bowe will likely draw the doubles.

  • KCtitleist11

    finally, good thing he got in a few weeks before Atlanta

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