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Chiefs About Done With Training Camp, Still Waiting On Bowe

The Kansas City Chiefs have only three days of training camp practices remaining.

The team will wrap things up on Thursday when they break camp. They’ll then travel on Friday to take on the St. Louis Rams at the Edward Jones Dome.

Once camp is over, the Chiefs will resume their practices back in Kansas City. Coaches are fond of saying that camp keeps going, just in a different location but I am thinking the difference between dorm rooms and their own homes will be immense for the players.

We can’t talk about the end of camp without talking about Dwayne Bowe.

Most Chiefs fans I’ve talked to are pretty much disgusted with Bowe. It appears now as if he’ll miss all of training camp and probably Saturday’s preseason game as well.

But will that be all he misses?

It is expected that Bowe will sign his contract tender before the Chiefs play their first regular season game his exact plans remain a mystery. We know Bowe was in Kansas City over the weekend but we don’t know if he ever left. There were multiple false reports that Bowe had or was about to sign his tender last Friday. As we know now, those reports were not accurate.

Hopefully Bowe’s plan all along has been just to avoid going to training camp. If that is the case, it would be smart for him to sign his tender immediately following Saturday’s preseason game. That would give Bowe about three weeks of practice before the regular season opener. Hopefully that will be long enough for Bowe to acclimate himself to Brian Daboll’s offense.

If not, Bowe could spend the early part of the season on the bench. After all, the KC offense sure didn’t look like they needed him last Friday night.

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  • Derek Jamison

    As long as the chiefs keep winning without him….screw him.

  • Calchiefsfan

    My best guess is he will sign and get into camp as soon as he starts getting paid to be there, unfortunately. I keep wondering if his agent or his ego has convinced him that he will be able to hit the ground running, because he’s a seasoned vet he really doesn’t need camp.
    We are going to need all our weapons, in top form, to start the season. I don’t care how good our team looked against AZ or even if we go 4-0 in the preseason, Atlanta, Buffalo, New Orleans and San Diego are formidable opponents.
    I’m not so much disgusted with Bowe, I just think it’s kind of dumb on D-Bowe’s part to stay away when there is nothing to gain by it and a lot to lose.

  • Norman Gunn

    The question shouldn’t be “Why isn’t Bowe in camp”, the question should be “how come we haven’t offered our best overall offensive player the past 4 season a contract”. Bowe hasn’t skipped out on the team. You can not skip out on a job that doesn’t show a sign of wanting you around for the future. We can easily offer him a contract he would except but so far everyone but Bowe (and Carr) hasn’t received what they could be worth for the future of our team. If Chiefs didn’t want to invest into Bowe they should have traded him while everybody else was getting thier contracts renewed.

    • Patrick Allen

      The Chiefs offered him $9.5 million for one year of work. That isn’t
      showing someone you want them? Also, we have no idea what long-term
      deals they have offered him.

      • Steve Burnett

        You act like they had a choice. 9.5 is the minimum they can offer him for a crappy one year contract that doesn’t pay for practicing. He deserved a 4-5 year contract. Screw the front office.

        • KCMikeG

          ALL contracts include practicing and mandatory camp. That’s why Bowe waited to avoid the St. Joe camp. No way $9.5M is crappy based on his stats plus a realistic long term contract for would be in the $10M per year average. The front office has taken a pathetic bunch of losers and transformed them to a contender in 3 years in addition to winning AFCW in 2010, nearly in 2011 AND has built this team to be successful for the long run by retaining great players (Charles, DJ, Flowers, Hali) at reasonable costs allowing for more talented depth. No screwing as far as I can see.

    • steve james

      I am not going to guess as to what offer has or hasn’t been made. I will say I don’t think you are taking into account building a team with the constraints of a salary cap. Sure you can throw big money around and flaunt the cap like Jerry Jones, but as they pointed out last night it has resulted in 120 wins & 120 losses since the Boys last superbowl. It didn’t seem to work out for Al Davis either. I will take Pioli and company’s masterful scouting and TEAM building over a flash in the pan any day. He has been shown to pay proven team players just maybe not record numbers.

      • KCMikeG

        Or Snyder’s Redskins.

    • micah stephenson

      Huh? Chiefs offered him a 1 yr deal averaging the top 5 saleries at his position. 1 player is making 9.5 mill out of 120 mill total and u still haft to pay 52 other guys. How do u know chiefs didnt offer him a 4 yr deal worth 40 mill and bowe said no I want 5 yrs/80 mill or 100 mill? Chiefs might hav tried to trade him but cudnt get the 2 1st rd pics a franchise tag player gets.

      • Steve Burnett

        I can play this game, how do you know they didn’t offer him a 4 year deal for 20 million. Front office sucks.

    • WichitaChiefsFan

      1. We can’t offer him a contract now. Those days are past, according to the CBA. His choice is to play under the tag, or not play.
      2. We could not have traded him during the offseason, because unless he signs the tender, he’s not under contract. Simply put, we own his rights, but not him, so we can’t trade him.
      3. We don’t know how the negotiations went, so far as which side was being unreasonable, so there is no need to speculate.
      4. At this point, there is no other options but to play for the Chiefs if he wants to play at all. And if he expects to get big time money on the open market, from the Chiefs or otherwise, he’d better have a big time year.

    • Jim Harper

      Mr Gunn I think you may be misinformed. Carr was going to leave irregardless. He wanted to play for Dallas and 50 mil to go with it. That would have put him above Flowers and he is nowhere near as talented as Flowers. For all we know the Chiefs offered Dumb-Bowe a contract and he turned it down, and as far as now, by league rules we cannot offer him a long term deal until the end of this season

      • Steve Burnett

        So we didn’t pay flowers enough?

  • ArrowFan

    The first day he sees action will tell how “Professional” he is, until then everything is conjecture.

  • Danny W

    I am so over the DwyaneBowe.

  • Lenny Lieurance

    I love how we joked earlier about Brian Waters skipping Pats camp, but oh god forbid Bowe does it. Pretty sure if my boss wanted me to work my ass off for a month with no pay, i’d be doing the same thing Bowe is.

    • KCMikeG

      You can’t compare Bowe to Waters. Period. Waters was a 5 time Pro Bowler who dominated his position every year. Bowe has had one PB and has put up some good yards but has only had one great scoring year, has missed games due to suspension and has had epic failures (drops)/been shut down too many times.

      If he would sign his tender then he wouldn’t be working his ass off for free – he would be earning his $9.5 Million Top 5 pay for his position. To equate what Bowe is doing to your situation that would be like if your boss offered to pay you like a rock star and you said I’ll let you know and then didn’t show up or say anything for a month. Bet your coworkers/players and the management team/ coaches would just love your ass. I bet your boss/GM would think well golly we better give him more money and agree to do it for the next five years or he might not show up for work at all…….
      Hope that puts the Bowe Show into perspective for you to understand the fans frustration. I want him in camp because he can make us even better but he is digging himself a pretty big hole to play out of and not just for us but for all the GM’s out there that know he is the ONLY franchise player not working with his team after the money issue has already been decided for this year.

      • Big Jim

        Here’s what I say Mike. Let him sit the entire year, then franchise him again and let him sit again. Not too many teams will come calling after he has been out of foot ball for two years. We can live without him!

        • KCMikeG

          I feel your pain brother and I am seriously pissed at Bowe but I think we should get all we can for our $$$ spent. $9.5 Million is a lot of $$$ setting on the bench. I hope Pioli told him to get his ass out there and catch the damn ball showing us all he can be a top 5 WR this year and we will pay you big and long term. then they should franchise him non exclusive & get compensated. I also agree with Tribal Rage’s post that hopefully Daboll will work his ass overtime. We have a great group of young promising WR’s that can step up in addition to Baldwin, Breaston, Wylie and Dexter.

      • Michael Shaw

        KCMikeG, doesn’t the franchise tag only pay when the season starts? I may have misread an article earlier this month or late last month that says the franchise tender doesn’t kick in until the regular season, which makes no sense to me either. Damn CBA is confusing!

        • KCMikeG

          I think all contracts pay by the game but the players starting earning their big dollars in camp which is mandatory for all players under contract. Bowe is using the legal position that he isn’t under contract so he can skip camp. Bad decision for all concerned.

  • Tribal Rage

    I’m sure there are tons of factors where both sides are at fault. For no good reason, here are some potential reasons/faults that all of this may be taking place…. just for the hell of it.

    1. He simply asked for Megatron or Fitz money…he is simply not worth it
    2. His agent is advising him not to report in fear of injury
    3. He is not in football shape although he looked good at the new uniform show
    4. He wants to be sure he is not franchised at least exclusively next year and is demanding that in his 1 year tender.
    5. He doesn’t want to report to camp simply because he doesn’t want to work in the heat.
    6. He feels he doesn’t need to show because this is his 4th OC and he always seems to pick the playbook up and perform well.
    7. Daboll is gonna have his ass running sprints until he pukes when he finally reports

    Front Office
    1. They low-balled him to the point of malcontent and he feels his worth is much more.
    2. They are unwilling to waive the right to franchise him next year until they know what they have in Baldwin
    3. They may be unwilling to include extra incentives to the contract tender for this season. Bowe knows this team is going deep this year….

    I think they should grant him immunity from the exclusive franchise tag next year. That way the brass can focus on getting Albert and Dorsey signed to extensions so they may slap him with the non-exclusive tag. That way they can match someone elses offer or be compensated heavily. Lets face it, a receiver of Bowes caliber and size warrants draft picks and a big contract to sign. That way he can shop his apparent value and we aren’t left with nothing. I feel like that is the plan and solves a lot of issues. Either way, I expect him to sign and report after we stomp the Rams silly.

    • KCMikeG

      Excellent comprehensive coverage of the dilemma. All of these factors could be in play. We probably will never know. Bottom line is at this point Bowe has shown what this team means to him. When $9.5 Million isn’t enough to get your ass into camp and do the work with the rest of the guys to get better everyday then the team is 2nd to him. I too believe that he will sign after the castration of the soon to be Ewes. He won’t have to do road camp and still have time to get up to speed. Cassel already has great chemistry with him. I hope Pioli told him to be a top 5 WR this year and we will pay you long term. i am right there with you on how it is played out franchise & get compensated.

  • Chiefsfan759

    Bowe has not earned “Fitz” money or “Megatron” money. At this point there is no need for negotiation. Bowe has to sign the tender offer or he sits out a year. Which would make him worth less next season as well. The Chiefs can go on without him. They might be better with him but they aren’t going to sit around thinking on it. Bowe wants to make more money next year, fine. But with no stats and the “prima donna” attitude, teams can find players who will play without the baggage.