Chiefs' UFA Taylor Gentry Sounds Hungry

Kansas City Chiefs FB Taylor Gentry sure sounds like he plans on making the team.

The undrafted free agent out of N.C. State is saying all the right things as he attempts to beat out last year’s seventh round draft pick, Shane Bannon.

“My game as a fullback is smash-mouth, hit you in the mouth, but I can also catch a football,” Gentry told “I had no rushes at N.C. State, sadly, so maybe I can get a rush here. If not, I can definitely catch a football out of the backfield and if they want me to lead up on a linebacker, I’ll try to knock his block off.”

That is the kind of talk fans love to hear. Making the an NFL roster as an UFA is hard enough for guys who do have the right attitude so guys that don’t have no chance. Every year there are a handful of guys that go undrafted and end up making an impact. Gentry is hoping that this year, he’s one of those guys. The odds may be longer but Gentry is only using that as motivation.

“It’s one feeling that’s like, you know, I do it for every kid that people tell them that they can’t do it,” Gentry said. “I was told by many people that I wouldn’t be here, including people in high school. Coaches, friends and family told me ‘There’s no way you are going to be in the NFL,’ and I’m here.”

Gentry has a better shot than most at making the team. Though the Chiefs drafted Bannon a year ago, he was merely a seventh rounder. Bannon spent most of last season on the practice squad so he may have an advantage there but in the end it will come down to what the players do in the preseason. Since there are only two fullbacks on the roster, both Bannon and Gentry are likely to get plenty of reps.

Bannon vs. Gentry will certainly be an interesting battle to watch this summer.

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