Oct 9, 2011; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe (82) celebrates his touchdown catch in the end zone against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Kansas City defeated Indianapolis 28-24. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Celebrate In The End Zone Baby!

Tony Gonzalez used to dunk the ball through the goal post.

Jared Allen used to  rope ghost cattle after a sack.

Priest Holmes would jump and kind of glide for awhile then land like a butterfly . It was so graceful. Like he was.

I think  the Kansas City Chiefs started the celebration when Elmo Wright did his “happy feet”. The “Happy Feet” was awesome.

Our players need to start doing things like that again. We do too.

I want to sit in my seat at Arrowhead and wait for that moment to happen so I can cut loose.

I used to rope cattle when Jared Allen would rope his.

I used to dunk the ball through an imaginary goal post like Gonzo did.

I used to  try and help Andre Rison get his “Spiderman” thing going and shoot imaginary webs.

The field celebration might not be a good idea. It fires up the other team to prevent the celebration from happening.

I don’t care I want us to do it anyway.

Sometimes when I am laying in bed, in that zone where you are halfway in between being asleep and being awake I imagine what I would do if I scored NFL touchdowns for the Chiefs regularly. I’m probably getting a little old to be doing this. I’m a Chiefs fan so it’s ok though.

I might act like I was reeling in a fish with an imaginary fishing pole.

I might shoot an imaginary arrow with an imaginary bow at the defense I just rendered ineffective.

I might pull the pin on an imaginary grenade and toss it too.

It might be cool to act like I was riding a motorcycle and twist an imaginary throttle.

These all would be good for touchdown celebrations.

When I am in that half awake half asleep state though, I prefer to think of myself as a sack artist.

If I were a sack artist like Jared, I might act like I had an imaginary chainsaw and cut the guy up with it after I ended his ideas for a pass completion. Maybe I’d be called “Chainsaw Randy” or something bad ass like that. “Chainsaw Randy cuts another one up!” Mitch Holthus would say. Then everybody in the crowd would do it too.

I could riddle the sacked quarterback with an imaginary AK-47 but that would probably be too violent. I’d be accused of being a bad role model for kids.

Oh well.

I once saw Larry Johnson grab a flag from one of the flag carriers and wave it around.

It was very cool but also very dumb, of course we were penalized. He was always like that. All about Larry, to the detriment of his team. I’m anti-that.

I’ll do my own thing in the stands after something cool happens most Sundays.

I’ll high five my neighbors, or hug them.

I’ll hang over the rail and reach toward the field. I’ll stretch so far I think I went to far and will fall over, which would be cool in itself. But I never do.

If we score a touchdown, I’ll do the “Ickey Shuffle”, or the “Dirty Bird”.  Or a combination of both.

If I’m at home watching an away game I’ll do stuff too.

I don’t ever do anything at other stadiums. There simply is no other stadium like Arrowhead. Arrowhead is like Vegas , I guess in some ways. You can act as silly, as crazy, as outrageous as you want. I credit Carl Peterson for that. Not much else though.

No other stadium in the world allows you to leave your cares at the gate like the red sea does.

I think we should talk Patrick into allowing us to send in video clips of our ideas of the best end zone celebration and the winner should get something.

Or not.

The Chiefs need a signature celebration.

The sack celebrations and the end zone dances make me think about the incredible, wonderful extremes of this game we love.

The most violent acts in sports that make us scream bloody murder occur in football.. The most graceful acts in sports make us shake our heads in awe do too.

I want the signature celebrations back.

Let’s do something about it!

What do you do Addicts when you see that teeth chattering, bone crushing  sack?

What will you do when Jamaal Charles puts up a quick, effortless TD stat?

I wanna hear about it!

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