Arrowhead Adventures At The Draft Party!

If you aren’t planning to hit the draft parties in Kansas City this year, you should. The draft party is one of the last non-game events that the Kansas City Chiefs organization has not found a way to keep me out of… yet.

The parties in the past were awesome. The first day of the draft was Saturday. I made my three hour drive in plenty of time, and since they didn’t separate the season ticket holders from everyone else it was a jolly good time.

Aaaah… but things change.

Nowadays, the best day of the draft is on a week night. They have two parties, one for season ticket holders and one for everyone else. The season ticket holders’ party will be cooler as far as who you will see there, but the other one should be more of a party.

Oh well, not a bad choice for your Arrowhead Adventurer to have to make, now that I think about it.

Tips for the draft party for those of you who haven’t learned that you cannot value my opinion yet:

1. Get there early rather than stay late. Its more fun before the early picks. Things kind of drag afterwards. Plus you gotta go to work the next day, thanks to the good old NFL.

2. Scope your targets early. If you want to talk strategies (I love this) look for the dudes with the scouting magazines and clipboards. If you want to hang with football minded ladies (yep they will be there) scout for ladies-only groups that seem to be having a great time. Hot ladies with Lindy’s draft magazines are real keepers. If they are wearing an updated player jersey (watch out for fakers wearing L. Johnson or worse) be prepared to propose marriage.

3. Find KC Chiefs employees and pump them for info. They should share the schedule of activities, as well as who you can expect to be there. Digest this information, then scheme. Call the damn stadium during regular business hours if you get bored and see what you can find out.

4. It can be tough to find someone to go with on a weeknight. Go by yourself if you must. I have been both with and without crew. I have as much fun by myself as I do with a group. If you are with Kansas City Chiefs fans, you are with friends.

5. Track down the cheerleaders. If you don’t look creepy they are a blast to talk to. Ask a friend who is a girl to help with your look if you must.  There appears to be a varsity and junior varsity squad. Know the difference. Ask the JV squad members to take photos of you with the varsity girls. DO NOT do this in reverse. For some reason they always ask what section you sit in, be ready to fire that off without hesitation.

6. Dress sharp, not like a bum. Stay sharp, don’t get drunk. You don’t want photos of you with an ice bucket on your head and Monster Energy Drink girls scowling at you to follow you around the internet. Why give the cops more evidence for your prosecution?

7. If you have a three hour trip or more think about renting a car. I scope deals early. It’s the rare occasion your Arrowhead Adventurer will tack the miles on one of his own rigs. The same goes for games and the training camp sessions. I can usually snag a gas sipper for $15.00 bucks a day or even less. The miles I keep off my cars as well as the gas savings pay for the rental. An additional tip is to check with your credit card issuer for additional insurance coverage they might offer. You will be surprised.

Food is there but its pricey so load up before you go if you’re on a budget. It appears hot dogs and beer might be free at the season ticket holders’ party this year. Attention Season Ticket Holders: If you have not heard about this party until right now, your probably out of luck. Check your season ticket holders account to see if they are included with your regular season tickets. Look now!

You will bring back lifelong memories and make lifelong friends if you make the draft party a regular part of the Kansas City Chiefs experience, so do it.

If you can’t go, don’t worry. Your Arrowhead Adventurer will bring back stories and photos. You know you can count on me.

For those who have been there, lets hear your tips and stories.

See you there!


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