The Key To The Chiefs' Future

So, you think that Romeo Crennel is a good hire huh? Well, I wouldn’t disagree with you but, he’s not the key to the Chiefs future.

Why were the Chiefs able to beat the Broncos last week?
Which side of the ball was rated 11th overall in the NFL in 2011?
Was it offense or defense that had multiple Pro Bowlers?
Who was #6 in defending against the pass?

You get the picture. Defense. And focusing on defense this offseason will not be the key to the Chiefs future success. Offense will.

While the Chiefs may be moving forward with the hiring of Romeo Crennel, unless he can locate and hire a great offensive mind and leader as offensive coordinator, then the future for the Chiefs looks… well… the same as it ever was. To quote the infamous Talking Heads.

Tending to one side of the ball more than the other has been an on-going problem for the Chiefs since Marty Schottenheimer left town. However, even Marty was challenged a bit in this area until Joe Montana arrived.

Gunther Cunningham was defense, and he even tried to coach the offense like it was defense.

Dick Vermeil was known for his great offensive mind, and with his arrival the offense was almost immediately better. Lots better.

Herman Edwards was perhaps the exception to this rule. He made everything worse. Lots worse.

Todd Haley was the new kid in town touting an offensive mind that took one season to help bring a playoff game to K.C..

On the other hand… that didn’t really happen until Romeo Crennel came to town in Haley’s second year.

Now, there’s Romeo Crennel. We know what he stands for. And he’s very, very good at it. One problem. No, two. Is Romeo Crennel a better DC or HC? History tells us he’s a great DC… not such a good HC.

The other problem? Can a defensive-minded coach give free reign to an offensive genius and give him all the support needed to succeed?

Is that coach even out there? And please don’t say Paul Hackett!

We’ve seen this story play out here in Kansas City, and around the league, time and time again. A team hires an offensive guy and then his defense is rotten. Or, a team hires a defensive man and then his offense is wimpy.

While Romeo Crennel appears to be a good choice for head coach, for a myriad of reasons, I’m wondering… is there’s a coach who could come in as OC and make the transition as seamless as Romeo moving from DC to HC?

Jim Zorn

Yes, Mr. Zorn could be the key.

Jim played QB for the Seahawks, the Packers and the Bucs. Zorn coached in college as a QB coach at Boise State, an offensive coordinator at Utah State and a QB coach at Minnesota.

Professionally, Zorn has served as the QB coach of the Seahawks, the Lions and the Ravens helping to improve Charlie Batch, Matt Hasselbeck and Joe Flaco. Zorn has been with Kansas City for one season.

In 2008-2009 Jim Zorn was hired as offensive coordinator and then head coach for the Washington Redskins. Zorn started off 6-2, but after going 12 and 20, was let go in the middle of his second season. Of course, being fired by Daniel Snyder is like being fired by Donald Trump. It’s the whole reason they hire people.

Jim Zorn was Seattle’s QB from 1976 to 1983 (when Dave Krieg took over).

Zorn offers the Chiefs the opportunity to maintain a similar offensive playbook with minimal changes and if they’re hoping to continue with QB Matt Cassel, the chance to offer some resemblance of continuity.

Otherwise, if the Chiefs are bringing in a new offensive coordinator who will be changing the playbook, the way plays are called and perhaps even some offensive staffing changes, then it will be like starting from square one, all over again, for so many of the players on the offensive side of the ball.

Since the Chiefs are going down the Romeo Crennel road, which means keeping the current systems in tact as much as possible, then, I’m also in favor of promoting Jim Zorn to OC.

That transition would be natural and could produce some immediate, positive results, especially in the coming offseason program for all returning offensive players.

Now, for those of you who are hoping the Chiefs can draft or sign a true NFL franchise QB during this off-season, Zorn is just the man to nurture and shape the new QB of the future.

“Z” is the key!

… Assuming that Mr. Muir is not going to serve in that capacity. Please….


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