Report: NFL Lockout Could End By Sunday

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Rich Tandler of is reporting that the buzz within the Washington Redskins organization is that the NFL lockout could be lifted by this Sunday, July 10th.

Tandler is not vague with his information:

In fact, there is talk in the Redskins organization that there will be a resolution this week and that the lockout will end Sunday.

I’m not sure how credible a source Tandler is so take his report with a grain of salt. The National Football Post is also passing along Tandler’s report so they at least think enough of him to mention it.

I wouldn’t get your hopes too high here. Even Tandler mentions in his article that the information could just be office chatter. Then again, there are a lot of folks who think that this week is the deadline for the two sides to get something done so Tandler and the folks within the Redskins organization could just be engaging in some informed guesswork.

Guess we’ll all find out soon.

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