Nikolozi's Crazy Idea of the Week: the Moss Edition

Man, I hate the lockout.

For those of us addicted to both consuming and disseminating information about the NFL, the lockout is literally the worse things that could happen to our lives – like making football an illicit drug. But don’t none of ya’all worry, I ain’t afraid of no owners. I’m gonna keep on dealing and partaking with the rest of you Addicts until they pry the internet access from my cold, dead, metaphorical hands. And you best watch yourself NFL, I’m metaphorically strapped.

Anyways, on to my crazy idea of the week. That tirade above was actually my sanest thought this week, so it doesn’t count. Thus, without further ado:

Crazy Idea #2 – Sign Randy Moss

I know, I know, I know what you’re thinking. So let me run through your counter arguments before you get a chance to blast me in the comments section.

1.) He’s too old to be productive.

He doesn’t have to be productive, at least not that productive. At this point, we don’t know when the season will start (if it starts). What we do know is that Matt Cassel’s new toy, WR Jonathan Baldwin, is going to get minimal time to prepare. I know he’s been hanging out with Matt lately and they’ve been throwing the pigskin around, but let’s not overestimate the impact of player-only, non-contact practices against air. It should also be noted that Baldwin wasn’t considered to be a very NFL-ready receiver out of college. The fact is that he’s not going to be ready to be a productive #2 receiver until the second half of the season if we’re lucky.

Moss, like him or not, would give us something Day 1. He’s mostly a sure-hands deep threat, and those are two things that Bowe (much as I love him) is not. Bowe is best at using his body to get space on the sidelines and finding holes in the zones as the defenses keep their eyes on Charles. Moss, if he has anything left in the tank, will still be at least good for a few streaks down field for Cassel to try and chuck deep bombs to. Even if he doesn’t catch them, he’ll still spread out the defense for Bowe, Moeaki and McCluster in the middle, and will get opposing safeties on their heels every time he’s on the field – something that will be very helpful for Charles and whoever else is running for us next year.

True, he is old. But we only need him to be good for half of the year while Baldwin learns the ropes after a truncated offseason. When Moss wears down, we start tossing it to the new guy.

2.) He’s coming off a crap season.

True. But in a way, I look at this as a positive. Say whatever you will about Moss, but he is a proud guy. He had a hectic season where he got traded away from his beloved Pats, cut by the dysfunctional Vikes, and not even used by the perhaps more dysfunctional Titans. Give him a solid team and a role to play, and I think he will come out ready to prove the haters wrong.

3.) He’ll be expensive.

Actually, no. His crap 2010 season is our gain when it comes to contract negotiations. We will be able to get him for very, very cheap, and perhaps even give him a contract based largely on performance incentives (even though we secretly plan on using him for only half the season).

4.) He’s a bad locker room guy, and he will spoil Baldwin.

I’m not going to go out there and say this guy is a saint. But he gave the Pats no problems, and it seems like whenever he is in an organization he respects, with a QB he respects, he does alright. And remember, Cassel threw 11 touchdown passes and over 1,000 yards to Moss with New England in 2008. Moss knows Matt is no schmo.

As for those saying that he will be a bad influence on Baldwin, I think you’re also off the mark. First off, I think Baldwin has shown he has great character by showing up to hang with Cassel and encouraging him to go down to Joplin to help in any way the two of them could (if you haven’t read that installment of MMQB, do it). Plus, Bowe will be able to tell them both the way to get ahead in Haley’s system because he’s been in the doghouse before – keep your head down, do your work, and be dependable. I presume Moss will be out there playing to keep his name alive, but it’s ok if he’s not Baldwin’s #1 mentor. Moss is the same type of tall, lanky deep threat that Baldwin has the potential to be. Just being able to watch the way Moss does his thang will be a great influence for the youngster. Plus, their similarities will make for a smooth schematic transition mid-season when Haley sits Moss and puts in JB.

So let’s hear it. I’m crazy right?

P.S. To all the rest of you AA writers, thanks for all the support and kudos. I’d love to post my praise and grating criticism on your work too, but the anti-spam security won’t let me. Apparently because I’m commenting from the former Soviet Union they assume I’m a spammer, even when I’m logged in.

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