Arrowhead Addict Five Round Mock Draft

It’s tomorrow, folks. Wow.

The following is my one and only mock of the 2011 NFL Draft, and the one most representative of AA. I go by a mishmash of my own personal board and DraftTek‘s, and I go as deep as my sanity allowed.  AA is certainly capable of going a full seven rounds, but I desperately tried to do this mock properly and wholly representative of the site’s diverse opinions, which means of course this took me an entire week to compile.

These mocks are, of course, futile anyways.  They don’t include the many trades and insane reaches that we believe teams will commit.  But it’s a fascinating thought experiment to give our best guesses and, most importantly, see what the Chiefs’ options are when they’re up.

Melin and Adam will weigh in with their final mocks and Draft tidbits in due time on Thursday.  For now, this one goes deeper and offers more explanation than you’re going to see in any other mock draft on the Chiefs blogosphere; and you’ll only find it here on Arrowhead Addict.

First four selections here, the rest are after the jump. Go Chiefs.

Pick Team Player Selected Player’s Position Player’s School Analysis
1. Cam Newton Quarterback Auburn There are many reasons to be truly concerned with Cam Newton, but the Carolina Panthers must take a scorched-earth policy to their roster.  This is Expansion Team 2.0 for Carolina.  Your first move: pick the best player in college football.  Cam Newton is a true World Beater of a football prospect.  Comparisons to Vince Young are vastly unfair; he’s far too sharp and can bear the emotional burden of the position.  He’s more Randall Cunningham.
2.  Marcell Dareus Defensive Tackle Alabama A shift in defensive scheme is perilous, but former head coach Josh McDaniels built the Broncos defense so poorly, they’re actually better suited for new coach John Fox’s 4-3 defense than they were the 3-4 defense McDaniels installed.  Elvis Dumervil and Robert Ayers are good bookends, and Wesley Woodyard and DJ Williams provide two talented ‘backers for the front seven.  But the Broncos truly have nothing at the tackle position, and haven’t for years.  Dareus is a much needed reversal.  Like almost all of the defensive lineman in this draft, his transition will be difficult, but if he adjusts well, he has the potential to be hell on wheels.
3. Blaine Gabbert Quarterback Missouri Why, oh why, do people continually mock Von Miller (and occasionally Patrick Peterson) to the Buffalo Bills, when they do not have a franchise quarterback?  The quarterback’s still the most important position in football, right? Ryan Fitzpatrick is a nice guy and all, but Chan Gailey is pulling a Tyler Thigpen with him.  He’s not someone you build around.  Gabbert will require some time to transition into the league, so you can let Fitzpatrick perform at expectations, and maybe score a decent draft pick when you dangle him out for a trade.  For now, the future is Gabbert in Buffalo.
4. Patrick Peterson Cornerback LSU I don’t believe that cornerback is the greatest area of need for the Bengals, but Peterson is far and away the best talent in this Draft, period.  He sits atop my big board, and to be honest, any of the above three teams will consider him.  Here’s how much better Peterson is than everybody else in this draft: he is one of the four best Draft prospects at his position in the history of the modern NFL.  You cannot say that about any other player in this Draft. 

5. Von Miller Outside Linebacker Texas A&M With no franchise quarterback on the board, the Cards go with the second most important position on the field: passrusher.  They have the pick of the litter.  Von Miller and Robert Quinn are still on the board, but Miller’s the one that inspires tingles down your spine off the edge.  Tough as nails and with two years of elite production, Miller possesses the rare combination of proven ability and insane measurables that’s worthy of a Top 5 pick.
6. AJ Green Wide Receiver Georgia Robert Quinn is actually higher on my board, but the Browns have their best shot at a franchise QB since Bernie Kosar, it seems.  The defense can wait. This is the beauty of actually obtaining a franchise QB.  For years, the Browns wandered impotently from Draft to Draft, grabbing for assorted talent and praying the pieces fit.  Now, with Colt McCoy the new face of the franchise, they can actually build towards a conceivable future.
7. Robert Quinn Outside Linebacker North Carolina A great passrushing talent falls to the Niners.  Quinn may have missed the 2010 season, but he is such a rare combination of power and a plethora of passrushing moves that is simply uncommon among passrushers in any draft. 
8. Julio Jones Wide Receiver Alabama It’s not entirely clear to me what the Titans want to do.  No QBs remaining on the board, and Nick Fairley, the common pick among mock drafters here, is a sleek penetrator, not the truckload of pain many consider him to be.  So where does value meet desperate need?Wide receiver.  The Titans were so desperate to get Kenny Britt help downfield in 2010 they brought in Randy Moss halfway through the year.  Blech.  Whatever second-day QB the Titans bring in is going to need all the help he can get, and having Julio Jones and Kenny Britt downfield is a damn good start.
9. Prince Amukamara Cornerback Nebraska The Cowboys brought on a new defensive coordinator with what we’ll call “close” ties to Rex Ryan of the Jets.  You can expect a ferocious defense in Dallas next year, but one thing the Cowboys need to pull off this super-aggressive style of play will be two great cover corners.  I’m high as hell on Amukamara, and the Cowboys can afford to put a player of his quality on the island while they bring the house every other down.
10. Jake Locker Quarterback Washington While this is a reach, the Redskins are running out of options that doesn’t include yet another stroll by owner Dan Snyder through the free agency yard sale.  Jake Locker, a player who would have been a lock Top 10 pick in 2010, plays in the spitting image of Jake Plummer, a player Mike Shanahan selected in Denver.  This will be Shanahan’s salvo to rescue him from the ashes of all the other failed coaching hires under Snyder’s watch.Will it work?  Hard to say.  The Locker of 2010 languished with zero run game, no targets downfield and porous blocking.  In Washington, it won’t be much better. 
11. Cameron Jordan Defensive End California  The Texans did the right thing for their pathetic defense by bringing in Wade Phillips to reinvent their defense.  The problem is, this leaves their team completely bereft of 3-4 players.  Mario Williams can translate and thrive at the 3-4 DE position much like Bruce Smith did, and the other DE position would be in brilliant condition if they scored Cam Jordan.  With an offense built to win now, it is imperative thta the Texans make this defense happen as fast as possible.
12. Aldon Smith Defensive End Missouri  The Vikes need a QB, but the options are less than ideal here.  The next closest QB I have on my big board is Christian Ponder, which is bottom-first material, at best.  Instead, the Vikings are in need of a big time tune-up on their once-intimidating defense.  Their DT corps is in need up some youth and depth, their linebackers need to be stronger, and their secondary needs help everywhere.  And Ray Edwards cares more about boxing than he does a cushy job across from Jared Allen.  Aldon Smith, to my dismay as a Chiefs fan, finds a home up north.
13. Anthony Castonzo Offensive Tackle Boston College  The Lions have a franchise quarterback but can’t keep him healthy.  In large part, this is because they cannot keep him clean.  They have served up garbage at LT during Matt Stafford’s two years.  That changes in the first round, as the Lions get the pick of the litter in 2011 offensive lineman.  Many mock Tyron Smith as the top tackle in this year’s draft class, and he certainly has high upside, but he’s only considerably played one season, and it was at RT.  With the uncertainty surrounding the CBA negotiations, projects like Smith will fall.  Sure things, like Castonzo, will rise. 
14.   Ryan Kerrigan Defensive End Purdue  Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo continues his impressive rebuilding effort of the St. Louis Rams.  After his homerun selection of QB Sam Bradford last year, he picks up where he left off in New York by stocking up on a premium end to play across from Chris Long.  Kerrigan is his kind of player, a high motor guy who pushes hard against the run.
15. Mikel Leshoure Running Back Illinois  Not the running back you’d assume to see here at 15, but he’s the most complete every-down back in this league.  He’s got every bit the power Ingram has, with every bit of his jukes.  Now add more size and damn good speed.  Miami gets the second coming of Rashard Mendenhall from a guy with the same dimensions, same speed, and same agility in the passing game.
16. J.J. Watt Defensive End Wisconsin  Another year gone by in Jacksonville’s continued search for a passrush.  The Jags seem allergic to proper passrushers, but they are so important that you simply must keep swinging until one lands.  J.J. Watts is more of an LDE than a RDE, but the Jags need an edge rusher on both edges, especially with the power to improve their run defense.  Watts fits the bill.
17. Gabe Carimi Offensive Tackle Wisconsin  The Patriots are up to bat in what will surely be a sick draft for them.  The Pats first decide to upgrade on an aging Matt Light.  All World QB Tom Brady has every bit the toughness and resolve to play at an elite level for three or four more years.  Every season with Brady under center is a season in contention for a Super Bowl, so the Pats need him upright and healthy.  Carimi has some LT potential in him, but he’s got the chops to destroy in the rungame.
18. Nick Fairley Defensive End Auburn  How did Fairley last this long?  Several reasons: he is one of the starkest example of one-year wonders in this draft, he is not particularly chiseled and it’s unclear how effective he’ll be against NFL run games, and doesn’t really sport the sterling character you see in many of the top prospects in this year’s draft.  But the Chargers ask their DEs to do a ton of attacking, so Fairley can have room to live up to every ounce of his potential.  The Chargers’ defense is already stout enough to afford the chance.
19. Derek Sherrod Offensive Tackle Mississippi State  The Giants need some reinforcements at tackle, especially left tackle, where they sincerely lack a franchise guy.  Sherrod is every bit the proven commodity that Gabe Carimi is.  He’s got similar odds to man that left side, but can just as easily man the right side. 
20. Da’Quan Bowers Defensive End Clemson  Bowers has fallen because he is another project in the vein of Nick Fairley and Tyron Smith (who continues to fall).  Projects will fall in this draft because of the uncertainty surrounding the CBA.  But the Bucs are in desperate shape for passrushers, and Bowers can be that guy so long as he checks out medically. 
21. Brooks Reed Outside Linebacker Arizona  Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli looks at his current board and asks himself: what’s a high-character, high-floor guy who can fit into what this team is trying to do?  With some of the elite passrushers and offensive lineman off the board, the cupboard is surprisingly bare.  Brooks Reed comes the closest as a team captain with the versatility to drop into coverage as well as invade opposing backfields.  With Hali on the other side, Reed gets the easiest rookie season a passrusher could ask for.  Virtually no double teams all year.  The only other consideration here is Mike Pouncey, but Pouncey only really projects to guard, where the Chiefs are currently three-deep.
22. Mike Pouncey Offensive Guard Florida  The Colts need offensive line help all throughout this draft.  The only thing keeping this team from loading up its defensive line with Corey Liuget or Muhammad Wilkerson is Peyton Manning’s complete lack of help along the frontline.  Pouncey plays next to center Jeff Saturday for a year with a good chance in succeeding him at center before long.
23. Tyron Smith Offensive Tackle USC  Eagles coach Andy Reid has no beef with taking chances on projects, even in such an uncertain year for them.  Tyron Smith is just damn good value here, and his upside is to one day become an elite tackle.
24.   Corey Liuget Defensive Tackle Illinois  The Saints need a ton of help on their defense that gave up embarrassing yardage to the Seahawks’ rungame in the 2011 playoffs.  Corey Liuget could form a formidable wall with to Sendrick Ellis and Shaun Rogers.
25. Muhammad Wilkerson Defensive Tackle Temple  The Seahawks now face a division with three good to great running backs (Steven Jackson, Frank Gore, and Beanie Wells).  All three specialize in assaulting your defense between the tackles.  Wilkerson could be a key addition to help meet a challenge they will be facing at least six times a year.
26. Brandon Harris Cornerback Miami  I’m not sold on Jimmy Smith of Colorado as much as I am Brandon Harris, who plays with an intensity that rivals Brandon Flowers.  Harris doesn’t have Smith’s impressive size, but he does have a passion that comes out in every down he plays.  They’ll love him in Baltimore, a team losing almost its entire CB corps to free agency.
27. Torrey Smith Wide Receiver Maryland  I believe this to be a massive reach, but the Falcons draft in extremely particular ways.  One thing is clear, Matt Ryan needs help downfield to take pressure off Roddy White.  Smith is a tireless worker and a very smart football player.
28. Cameron Heyward Defensive End Ohio State  The Patriots continue fortifying their team for what must be the next decade.  Carimi gave them an instant upgrade along the offensive line.  Here at #28, Heyward offers outstanding upside along the RDE defensive end spot.
29. Jonathan Baldwin Wide Receiver Pittsburgh  The common wisdom, that the Bears desperately need to concern themselves with protecting Cutler, is a fair point of view.  But Cutler also needs an elite group of great weapons downfield — in my opinion, that would be my primary area of concern.  Offensive line can always be plugged in.  But a receiver corps that includes Greg Olson, Devon Hester, Johnny Knox, and the big-bodied Jonathan Baldwin could be formidable.
30. Allen Bailey Defensive End Miami  Rex Ryan will continue beefing up his great defense.  Allen Bailey is good enough value towards the bottom of the first, as a strong passrusher that will fit with the Jets’ constant-attack philosophy.
31. Ben Ijalana Offensive
Villanova  Another year and the Steelers still need more help bulking up their front.  I think Ijalana is one of the few prospects that is actually capable of kicking out to tackle and playing competently there.  I’d still put my money on him being a guard, but other than center, the Steelers OL needs help everywhere.
32. Mark Ingram Running Back Alabama  Ingram is overrated with a ton of mileage on his tread, lacking in elite speed.  Thus, his drop in this draft.  But the Pack need an established runner to finish off their offense.  I like Ingram as a compliment to Starks and his ability in the red zone.  The less this team asks their franchise QB to do, the longer his career will be.


33. New England Patriots — OG Danny Watkins, Baylor 

Watkins may be the most pro-ready player in this Draft.

34. Buffalo Bills — CB Jimmy Smith, Colorado

 The Bills, heavily considering Patrick Peterson in the 1st, decide that their secondary could get the boost it needs from Smith.

35. Cincinnati Bengals — QB Christian Ponder, Florida State

If Gabbert falls, look for the Bengals to get the best QB remaining in the second.

36. Denver Broncos — CB Aaron Williams, Texas

The Broncos need a successor for Champ Bailey, and Perrish Cox is an embarrassment.

37. Cleveland Browns — OLB Justin Houston, Georgia

Houston isn’t a great fit as a 3-4 linebacker, but he is an aggressive passrusher.  The Browns need all the help they can get there.

38. Arizona Cardinals — OLB Akeem Ayers, UCLA

 The Cardinals finally land an OLB that can man the position for a decade.

39. Tennessee Titans — QB Ricky Stanzi, Iowa

Strange pick by most people’s standards, but Stanzi projects to be a Kerry Collins type QB.

40. Dallas Cowboys — DE Christian Ballard, Iowa

If any team would ignore a player failing a drug test, it’s the ‘Boys. Ballard isn’t a character concern, and he was built to play 3-4 DE.

41. Washington Redskins — DT Phil Taylor, Baylor

The Redskins have so many needs, but oddly enough they’ve ignored the nose position for so long they’ve tried sticking Albert Haynesworth there.

42. Houston Texans — FS Rahim Moore, UCLA

Worst secondary in the league gets some much needed personality.

43. Minnesota Vikings — QB Colin Kaepernick, Nevada

The Vikings, rumored to be intensely interested in McNabb, could pick up his natural successor in Round 2.

44. Detroit Lions — ILB Quan Sturdivant, North Carolina

Lions need a hard #&*#ing hitter to clog up those run lanes.

45. San Francisco 49ers — C Stefan Wisniewski, Penn State

Wisniewski is the best center in the draft, but I don’t see him going any earlier than this.  The 49ers continue to invest early and often in OL.  Soon they’ll have the league’s best.

46. Denver Broncos — TE Kyle Rudolph, Notre Dame

Everybody and their mother has mocked Rudolph to the Broncos.

47. St. Louis Rams — DT Stephen Paea, Oregon State

Spagnuolo’s priority is beefing up that defensive line.  The Rams need lane cloggers and QB harrassers.  With Paea and Kerrigan, we’ve got ourselves a show.

48. Oakland Raiders — OT Nate Solder, Colorado

The Raiders are in perpetual need for offensive line help.  The inconsistent Solder is good value here.

49. Jacksonville Jaguars — ILB Martez Wilson, Illinois

Jags have been lacking for a force in their LB corps.  I don’t know if Wilson’s that guy, but you can’t run a play away from him — he’s omnipresent on the field.

50. San Diego Chargers — OLB Dontay Moch, Nevada

Chargers can afford to take a shot on Fairley in the first, they can afford to take a shot on Moch in the second.  Moch will need a lot of work rushing the passer, but he has the work ethic and ability to do whatever he’s asked.

51. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — DE Adrian Clayborn, Iowa

The Bucs had NOTHING at passrusher.  Now they’ve got Bowers for RDE and Clayborn at LDE.

52. New York Giants — RB Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech

The Giants have been rumored to be sniffing out RBs for the first round.  Leshoure is enticing, I’m sure. Williams is also a good prospect in the 2nd.

53. Indianapolis Colts — DT Marvin Austin, North Carolina

The Colts need to get a thousand times stronger on both sides of the trenches.

54. Philadelphia Eagles — OLB Bruce Carter, North Carolina

North Carolina prospects are flying off the board now…

55. Kansas City Chiefs — OG/C Rodney Hudson, Florida State

The Chiefs, even more than their wide receiver position, have a dearth of talent at center.  Hudson fits what they do.

56. New Orleans Saints — RB Shane Vereen, California

The Saints would have picked Ingram had Liuget not presented such outstanding value at #24.

57. Seattle Seahawks — WR Titus Young, Boise State

Leon Washington’s days are numbered as the team’s gamebreaker.  Even then, you cannot have enough of these guys.

58. Baltimore Ravens — WR Randall Cobb, Kentucky

The Ravens desperately lack creative playmakers in their WR corps.

59. Atlanta Falcons — DT Jarvis Jenkins, Clemson

The Falcons face three pretty tough run games in the NFC South.

60. New England Patriots — CB Curtis Brown, Texas

Behind the shadow of Aaron Williams lurks a prospect equally as good in Brown. He will be outstanding value for any team that selects him.

61. San Diego Chargers — OT Joseph Barksdale, LSU

The Chargers need a better athlete at right tackle.  Barksdale does have left tackle potential, however.

62. Chicago Bears — OT/G James Carpenter, Alabama

Some teams are rumored to like Carpenter enough for low-first consideration… I don’t. But a low 2nd for a team in desperate need of better QB protection is enticing.

63. Pittsburgh Steelers — OG Marcus Cannon, TCU

 The Steelers love themselves a 350 lbs guard.  Cannon does not project to tackle.

64. Green Bay Packers — CB Davon House, New Mexico State

 House is a high-ceiling project the Pack can afford to take.  Incredible athlete.


65. Carolina Panthers — WR Greg Little, North Carolina

The Panthers add a not-so-little addition to their weak and struggling WR corps.

66. Cincinnati Bengals — DE Jamaal Sheard, Pittsburgh

The Bengals have an unreliable passrush and need an upgrade and depth.

67. Denver Broncos — QB Ryan Mallett, Arkansas

A controversial pick, but character only does so much in Elway’s world, otherwise Tebow wouldn’t have been thrown under the bus by now.  Elway wants the look and the form of a franchise QB.

68. Buffalo Bills — OLB Sam Acho, Texas

The Bills continue to be depleted for proper 3-4 personnel.

69. Arizona Cardinals — QB Andy Dalton, TCU

The Cardinals take their last, best shot at a franchise QB option.  I see a lot of Colt McCoy in Andy Dalton.

70. Cleveland Browns — OT/G Marcus Gilbert, Florida

The Browns have two really great offensive lineman… and three duds.  Gilbert offers them the flexibility they’re going to need to make a functional line.

71. Dallas Cowboys — OG/C John Moffitt, Wisconsin

Speaking of flexibility, how can you not love John Moffitt?  The Cowboys need some serious upgrades at center, guard, and tackle.  Moffitt offers options for two of the three.

72. New Orlean Saints — FS Quenton Carter, Oklahoma

This is a reach, but the board is packed with corners, wide receivers, and runners.

73. Houston Texans — CB/S Ros-I Dowling, Virginia

Dowling could replace the vulnerable Bernard Pollard at SS, or kick out to corner.

74. New England Patriots — CB Shareece Wright, USC

Another reach, but the Pats love the smarts in this kid.

75. Detroit Lions — WR Jerrel Jernigan, Troy

The Lions need more talent downfield to distract from Megatron.  Pettigrew isn’t getting it down.

76. San Francisco 49ers — RB Taiwan Jones, Eastern Washington

Everybody in the league sets their TiVos to Niners games for the first eight weeks of the season… Jones is as fascinating a prospect as there is.

77. Tennessee Titans — DT Sione Fua, Stanford

By ignoring Fairley in the first, the Titans still need a 1-tech clogger for the middle of their line.

78. St. Louis Rams — WR Edmund Gates, Abilene Christian

Spags has served his front seven well so far, now it’s time for reinforcements for his stud QB.  Fortunately, the midrounds offer a ton of them.

79. Miami Dolphins — OG Will Rackley, Lehigh

Rackley has scored extremely well with teams this draft season. He could get drafted a full round higher than this.

80. Jacksonville Jaguars — WR Niles Paul, Nebraska

We’re most likely heading into Garrard’s last hurrah.  We should at least give him a fair chance.

81. Oakland Raiders — CB Brandon Burton, Utah

Without Nmandi Aswrowei;sjnsla, the Raiders are suddenly bare at corner.

82. San Diego Chargers — SS Tyler Sash, Iowa

Bob Sanders was a great get for the Bolts, but he’s not the future.

83. New York Giants — DT Drake Nevis, LSU

The Giants attempt to maintain a strong rotation up front.

84. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — WR Austin Pettis, Boise State

Mike Williams had a great season, but the Bucs are going to need more help downfield against a considerably tougher schedule.

85. Philadelphia Eagles — RB Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State

Lesean McCoy is a franchise back, and the Eagles will ride him as far as he’ll take them.  But he shouldn’t have to carry the load himself, pun intended.

86. Kansas City Chiefs — ILB Mason Foster, Washington

The board isn’t that great for the Chiefs, but they need a pounder to upgrade the undersized Jovan Belcher.  Foster was a captain at Washington, and can shed blocks and penetrate backfields.

87. Indianapolis Colts — OT James Brewer, Indiana

Brewer offers more substantial protection on the edge for Peyton Manning.

88. New Orleans Saints — DE Parnell McPhee, Mississippi State

The Saints have addressed most of their needs with minimal reaching; here they address their desperate passrush needs with damn good value in McPhee.

89. San Diego Chargers — ILB Greg Jones, Michigan State

The Chargers need more certainty in the middle of their defense.

90. Baltimore Ravens — C Brandon Fusco, Slippery Rock

The Ravens are in the hunt for upgrades along the OL, including the center position.  Fusco is one of my favorite small schoolers to come along in a while.

91. Atlanta Falcons — CB Chimdi Chekwa, Ohio State

Falcons are defending against Drew Brees, Josh Freeman, and now Cam Newton six times a year.

92. New England Patriots — RB DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma

New England can’t totally depend on scrap heap acquisitions at RB, can they?

93. Chicago Bears — C Jake Kirkpatrick, TCU

The Bears continue to fortify their OL.  Olin Kreutz is on his last legs.

94. New York Jets — OG Clint Boling, Georgia

The richest running games get richer.

95. Pittsburgh Steelers —  CB/S Marcus Gilchrist, Clemson

Steelers need a good dosage of help in their secondary.  I like Gilchrist as a safety, but I love him as a corner.

96. Green Bay Packers —  OT Jay Reid, Central Florida

The Pack are considering Bulaga as their left tackle of the future.  Reid can slide in and play guard, but he’s the right tackle of their future.

97. Carolina Panthers — TE Luke Stocker, Tennessee

The Panthers continue to provide Cam Newton quality hands downfield.


98. Carolina Panthers — DT Ian Williams, Notre Dame

99. Seattle Seahawks — OG Lee Ziemba, Auburn

100. Buffalo Bills — RB Daniel Thomas, Kansas State

101. Cincinnati Bengals — RB Jacquizz Rogers, Oregon State

102. Cleveland Browns — OLB Chris Carter, Fresno State

103. Arizona Cardinals — WR Greg Salas, Hawaii

104. Philadelphia Eagles — SS DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson

105. Houston Texans — DT Jerrell Powe, Mississippi

106. Minnesota Vikings — OLB Lawrence Wilson, Connecticut

107. Detroit Lions — CB Buster Skrine, Tennessee-Chattanooga

108. San Francisco 49ers — QB Greg McElroy, Alabama

109. Tennessee Titans — SS Joe Lefeged, Rutgers

110. Dallas Cowboys — RB Jordan Todman, Connecticut

111. Miami Dolphins — CB Josh Thomas, Buffalo

112. St. Louis Rams — RB Roy Helu, JR., Nebraska

113. Oakland Raiders — OLB K. J. Wright, Mississippi State

114. Jacksonville Jaguars — S Ahmad Black, Florida

115. San Francisco 49ers — DT Kendrick Ellis, Hampton

116. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — FB Owen Marecic, Stanford

117. New York Giants — ILB Colin McCarthy, Miami

118. Kansas City Chiefs — WR Tandon Doss, Indiana

119. Indianapolis Colts — S Chris Conte, California

120. Philadelphia Eagles — CB Rashad Carmichael, Virginia Tech

121. Jacksonville Jaguars — TE Julius Thomas, Portland State

122. Buffalo Bills — WR Tenarius Moore, Tennessee

123. Baltimore Ravens — OLB Ugo Chinasa, Oklahoma State

124. Atlanta Falcons — TE Lance Kendricks, Wisconsin

125. New England Patriots — OLB Mark Herzlich, Boston College

126. New York Jets — FS Chris Culliver, South Carolina

127. Chicago Bears — DT Jurrel Casey, USC

128. Pittsburgh Steelers — FS Duenta Williams, North Carolina

129. Green Bay Packers — OG Jason Pinkston, Pittsburgh

130. Tennessee Titans — OG/C Jason Kelce, Cincinnati

131. Green Bay Packers — CB DeMarcus Van Dyke, Miami


132. Carolina Panthers — DE Greg Romeus, Pittsburgh

133. Buffalo Bills — TE Virgil Green, Nevada

134. Cincinnati Bengals — C Tim Barnes, Missouri

135. Kansas City Chiefs — RB Delone Carter, Syracuse

136. Arizona Cardinals — TE D.J. Williams, Arkansas

137. Cleveland Browns — DE Lawrence Guy, Arizona State

138. Houston Texans — CB Johnny Patrick, Louisville

139. Minnesota Vikings — SS Robert Sands, West Virginia

140. Kansas City Chiefs — SS Shiloh Keo, Idaho

141. San Francisco 49ers — CB Chykie Brown, Texas

142. Tennessee Titans — ILB Obi Ezeh, Michigan

143. Dallas Cowboys — ILB Kelvin Sheppard, LSU

144. Washington Redskins — RB Jamie Harper, Clemson

145. St. Louis Rams — CB Curtis Marsh, Utah State

146. Miami Dolphins — FS Jaiquawn Jarrett, Temple

147. Jacksonville Jaguars — CB Jalil Brown, Colorado

148. Oakland Raiders — FB Henry Hynoski, Pittsburgh

149. Philadelphia Eagles — OG DeMarcus Love, Arkansas

150. Minnesota Vikings — OT Willie Smith, East Carolina

151. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — OG Stephen Schilling, Michigan

152. Indianapolis Colts — RB Allen Bradford, USC

153. Philadephia Eagles — C Zane Taylor, Utah

154. Detroit Lions — DE Pierre Allen, Nebraska

155. Washington Redskins — WR DeAndre Brown, Southern Mississippi

156. Seattle Seahawks – CB Justin Rogers, Richmond

156. Seattle Seahawks — OLB Brian Rolle, Ohio State

157. Atlanta Falcons — TE Will Yeatman, Maryland

158. New England Patriots — ILB Josh Bynes, Auburn

159. Chicago Bears — OT David Mims, Mount Union

160. New York Jets — WR Vincent Brown, San Diego State

161. Pittsburgh Steelers — RB Noel Divine, West Virginia

162. Green Bay Packers — ILB Casey Matthews, Oregon

163. Baltimore Ravens — WR Terrance Toliver, LSU

164. Baltimore Ravens — DE Adrian Taylor, Oklahoma

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