Reader Feature 2nd Runner Up: Cassel Conspiriacy Theory?

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This entry came in last night just before the deadline. It is a short, humorous article that gave us a chuckle and that we thought would add some color to go along with our other two winners. For the author’s own safety, I will not reveal his true identity until after you have read the piece. For now, call him “The Phantom Writer”.

At great risk to my own health I have written this article to expose a lie so prevalent that it will rock the very core of the A-A world.

By some strange unexplainable phenomenon readers at A-A have become confused and misguided about the direction of this team. Whether it be by big fancy words or some kind of tribal witch craft, Matt Cassel has been able to deceive every single one of A-A’s readers. His feigned bravado and apparent talent level are carefully concealed behind a mist of treachery and deception. He has woven a web of lie’s and corruption of which the poor innocent fans of the Kansas City Chiefs have never seen. Matt Cassel has only one desire in life, to cause chaos and unrest where ever he goes. He does not care of the cost, nor the emotion turmoil he causes. He is born from pure darkness and his reach knows no bounds.

Luckily for me, a vast distance protects me from his evil gaze and controlling eye. It is for this reason that I must preach for all the unspoken victims of his reign of terror. I must be the vessel that unveils his cloud of deception. I must be the one to face the waves of terror and persecution. I must rise above and alarm the world of this new dark beginning.

Certain facts have recently come to my attention that must be shared with the blinded A-A faithful.

It is only then that you will be able to see the truth.

A former player of KC’s, whose name will not be mentioned, recently shared with me some interesting information. He was told by Matt Cassel himself that if he were to injure Tom Brady in the opening game of the season he would be rewarded with untold treasures the likes of which he had never seen. Although “Said Player” completed the task, his conscience got the better of him. He knew that he had to come clean. Unfortunately, Cassel had already seduced Pioli, the new GM and “Said Player” was “released” before he could reveal his information to the media. Fearing for his life, “Said Player” was forced to hide away until he could find adequate protection from a new team.

This is not the only case of Mass Cassel’s devilish ways. Once I have guaranteed my own safety I will reveal more facts and reveal the truth.

From reader Tim C.

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