Mock Draft: Version 3.0

Get ready for more frequent Mock Drafts Addicts. You’ll be getting  a weekly dose of possibilities from us. By the time April gets here, we’ll have so thoroughly covered the first round that one of our Mock Drafts may actually have a few correct picks! It is my go round this time.

Without further ado…

Pick Team Player Selected Player’s Position Player’s School Analysis
1. Jimmy Clausen Quarterback Notre Dame Yep. I’m going there. Look, the Rams have been drafting high for a while now. They usually go with the safe pick. Everyone is going to think they are crazy for passing on Suh but I think the Rams are going to look around at the teams in the playoffs. They’ll see names like Favre, Rivers, Manning, Brees, Brady and Warner. It is apparent you need a QB in today’s NFL more than ever. If the Rams don’t get one now, they aren’t getting one in this draft.
2. Ndamukong Suh
Defensive Tackle Nebraska

Detroit, already having a QB, pees their pants when the Rams take Clausen. Litterally pees their pants on their way to the podium to take Suh.

3. Gerald McCoy
Defensive Tackle Oklahoma Tampa is now also freaking out because they had Gerald McCoy’s name circled on their draft board and suddenly Eric freakin Berry is available. They have planned their draft around the fact that Suh and Berry would be gone when they picked. The don’t gamble and they stick with McCoy.
4. Eric Berry
Free Safety Tennessee Mike Shanahan won games with Jake Plumber as his QB. He can probably win games with Jason Cambell. He also isn’t stupid enough to go reaching for Sam Bradford here before he has a season to evaluate his new team. He is building a new program and Eric Berry is one hell of a start. No way does he let Berry slip to the Chiefs.


(Trade with KC)

Sam Bradford Quarterback Oklahoma The Bills have been freaking out ever since Clauasen went #1. Literally calling every single team in front of them, begging them to tell they who they are going to take. Chan Gailey is an offensive minded coach and he is going to want a QB to start his new team with. Think about it? He knows the Bills are in love with Bill Cowher. If he tries to stick with Trent Edwards or Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Bills tank, he could be a one and done. If he locks up Bradford he’ll excite the fan base and management may be more lenient about a losing season because Chan is trying to develop the Bills first franchise QB since Jim Kelly. Plus, his old buddies in Kansas City are happy to trade with him.
6. Russell Okung
Offensive Tackle Oklahoma State Pete Carrol will roll with Hastleback another year, hoping that finally getting him some protection will keep him healthy. He is pleasantly surprised to find Okung at #6. He doesn’t blink.
7. Dez Bryant
Wide Receiver Oklahoma State A lot of people think the Browns are going to go with CB Joe Haden here but the Cleveland actually has some decent young corners. if you watched them beat the Steelers last year they did it by playing man coverage the entire game. These guys can play and are still developing. In fact, Cleveland’s entire defense is better than you think. They got smoked a lot last year because the team had no offense. Zip. Zilch. Zero. In their last 4 games, where they had some offense because of Jerome Harrison, the D gave up 6, 34, 9 and 17 points. Great, no? But the Browns won all 4 of those games. Harrison is their only threat on offense. They have to have someone to throw to. Dez gives whoever ends up being their QB a target.
8. Anthony Davis
Offensive Tackle Rutgets Since Al Davis is going to force Tom Cable to keep playing Jamarcus Russel and he hired a new offensive coordinator, I am guessing the Raiders go protection here. They already have a bunch of fast receivers who can’t catch the ball even if Russel does manage to get it to them. Maybe if he has more time…

(Trade with KC)

Joe Haden
Cornerback Florida Pioli gives father-in-law, the Tuna, the hook up by swapping picks as the Chiefs move back again in the first round, stock piling picks. Think the Phins don’t have Florida’s Joe Haden scouted? The Dolphins need help on D and Haden was never supposed to get past the Browns. The Dolphins move to secure their secondary from the likes of Tom Brady.


Dan Williams Defensive Tackle Tennessee It is a reach but Josh McDaniels won’t soon forget Jamaal Charles torching his D in week 16. The Broncos have to play the Chiefs twice a year. He’ll move to get a run stuffer.
11. Rolando McClain
ILB Alabama Chiefs fans hoping McClain would slip one more spot will be disappointed. He is the best linebacker in the draft and I just don’t think, after the Senior Bowl, the Jags are dumb enough to take Tebow.
12. Golden Tate
Wide Receiver Notre Dame The Chiefs need a receiver and they need a kick returner. Charlie Weis is running the offense. Charlie Weiss coached Tate at Notre Dame. Do the math. With so many extra picks acquired from their 2 trade backs, the Chiefs can afford to take Tate here.
13. Trent Williams
Offensive Tackle Oaklahoma The 49ers need some help on the O-Line and they need to make sure running lanes stay open for Gore. Williams is a safe pick here.


C.J. Spiller
Running Back Clemson Carrol resists the urge to take Mays here and gets the Seahawks a running back, something they desperately need. Now that they have Okung, they’ll have a back he can spring.
15. Derrick Morgan
Georgia Tech Defensive End No way the Giants let the best 4-3 DE in the draft get by them at 15. Not when their pass rush vanished last season.


Earl Thomas
Free Safety Texas Thomas is shooting up draft boards and is incredibly versatile. After spending a pick on the offense, Singletary gets his with a defensive pick.
17. Taylor Mays
Free Safety USC The Titans went 13-3 when their defense was right. Mays gives them a play-maker to get things back on track.
18. Donovan Warren
Cornerback Michigan There’s all kinds of good secondary talent in this first round, and the Steelers are one of the teams needing help at corner. Seriously, Polamalu can’t do this all by himself, people.
19. Sergio Kindle
OLB Texas The Falcons get some much needed help for their defense by reaching a little for Kindle.
Patrick Robinson
Cornerback Florida State The Texans need better coverage if they ever have a hope of beating Manning and the Colts. They allowed Manning to come back on them two too many times last season. They look to Robinson for help.
Jermaine Gresham
Tight End Oklahoma I agree with Andrew here. The Bengals don’t have jack at TE. The need some more offensive firepower and with the good 1st round WR’ers gone, they’ll get some at TE.
22. Brandon Graham
Outside Linebacker Michigan Again, I agree with Andrew. With Robinson off the board, Graham makes the most sense for the Patriots.
23. Bryan Bulga
Offensive Tackle Iowa Good Lord do the Packers need help on the offensive line. Bulga has an incredibly high ceiling and the Packers will take a chance on him.
24. Carlos Dunlap Defensive End Florida More pants peeing here as Dunlap falls all the way down to the Eagles at 24. Blame the popularity of the 3-4. That is all just fine with the Eagles.
25. Brandon Spikes
Inside Linebacker Florida Ray Lewis is 34 ya’ll. He can’t play forever. The Ravens have to start thinking about the futre.
26. Colt McCoy
Quarterback Texas Why not? Someone has to throw to Boldin and Fitzy and Warner bailed on them. Leinhart is too risky to bet on. Bring in McCoy and see if he can lead your team. The Cards window for another Super Bowl run won’t be open forever. They need a QB.
27. Mike Iupati Offensive Guard Idaho He is the best guard in the draft. The Cowboys have to do it.
28. Jonathan Dwyer
Running Back Georgia Tech See ya, Ladanian. Thanks for the memories.
29. Jared Odrick
Defensive End Penn State Look for Rex Ryan to make his dominant D even more dominant with the addition of Odrick. He will solidify the line and help the Jet’s get pressure from more than just exotic blitzes.
30. Trevard Lindley
Cornerback Kentucky I still think Lindley would look great in the Vikins secondary.
31. Jahivid Best
Running Back California The lack of a running game is going to kill the Colts in the Super Bowl. This is the best back available at 31 and I think the Colts will take him.
32. Everson Griffin Defensive End USC The Saints get an absolute steal here. Griffin is ranked #15 on the Draft Tek Big Board and he slides all the way to the defending Super Bowl Champion Saints at 32 When things are going your way they are going your way.

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