Thoughts on Chan: The Readers Version

Arrowhead Addict readers left some outstanding thoughts on our last post about Chiefs new offensive coordinator Chan Gailey. Those comments have even partially swayed my opinion about Gailey. Here are some of those comments:

From Jon:

Adam, I’m not sure where you get the assumption that he’ll run a run/run/pass/punt offense. He’s been a coordinator for a very long time in this league and obviously has impressed multiple teams with his playcalling. His playcalling probably will be more conservative, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be even remotely as predictable as Solari’s.As for the comment about preferring youth, I thought so at first too, but the last week or so I’ve completely changed my tune. The Chiefs don’t need that on offense. The Chiefs didn’t need a young playcaller. What they needed was an experienced playcaller who was so experienced that Herm Edwards would hand over the keys to him and let him run with the job. Gailey is too experienced a coach to let Herm interfere with what he wants to do.The Chiefs’ strengths are easily their defense and their running game. In the first half of the season, they went over .500 on defense alone. As for their running game, Gailey is an O/C that has always, always built powerful, terrific running games, even if it might come at the expense of an aerial attack. Essentially, this is a guy who runs a Marty-ball offense but knows how to win using it. While Marty’s offense held him back, Gailey’s offense has seen plenty of success in the postseason. I’m ecstatic about the hiring. I think it keeps Herm completely off the offense and back to what he does best–coaching defense.

From Jay:

Just a thought, this could be seen as a vote of confidence in Croyle. They didn’t hire any of the three QB focused coaches, they took the guy that could do the most with the entire offensive unit. All that knowing that the only legit QB they have right now is Brodie Croyle (I don’t think DH counts.) The draft doesn’t guarantee that a franchise QB will be available and none of the FA’s out there are worth much with the possible exception of Derek Anderson, and if they wanted him there’s no guarantee they’d get him. The point here is that it would be a horrible business decision to base your OC decision on what you might get. (Save the King Carl or Herm is an idiot lecture, because I honestly don’t believe they would have gotten this far if they were really that dumb) Anyway, I think its a great hire, and I think Croyle will be fine if he can stay healthy. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Brett Favre would have all done about the same with our O-line and lack of run game. So I’m on board, the D is getting better and if Chan can get an O-line we’ll be in business.

From Steven:

Go back and look at what he did for the Steelers.  This is a good move.  I imagine it came down to experience or giving another inexperienced guy (Price) a shot.  Herm took a chance with Solari, with Gailey, we are getting a proven winner. Period.  Herm wanted a man that would take the abilities of the players and utilize them to the fullest.  There wasn’t a bunch of dinking and dunking to Calvin Johnson did you?  NO. He took his abiltiy to burn everyone and send him down the field.  He inherits one of the best RB’s in the league, a 2nd year WR in Bowe with a TON of potential and a HOF Tight End,  I believe Chan, more than any of the others interviewed, will know exactly what to do with them.  Good Hire.

From Double D:

I’ll take a stab at the issue of why Gailey has been fired at 2 of his last 3 jobs.  First off,  the Dallas firing shouldn’t count for much because ever since Landry retired, pretty much every Cowboys coach eventually gets fired no matter how many games they win or lose – it’s a ownership/system issue there imo.As for G Tech, he went to 6 bowls in his 6 years.  Multiple Bowl appearances notwithstanding, the rumor is that the G Tech AD only cares about one thing – beating their #1 rival, the Bulldogs.  He didn’t do that,  he had to go.  A good analogy might be the obsession that MU has with KU in that it’s pretty much a sure bet that if Mizzou fails to regularly beat the Jayhawks,  the Tigers start cranking up the interview process.

From Sean:

The only thing I have to say is this:  I’m a Chiefs fan living in Atlanta who’s seen Chan Gailey coach at Georgia Tech.  The one huge knock on him here (besides his 6 year streak against UGA) was his inability to develop his young QB’s.  I just don’t see how he’s supposed to be the answer in the growth of Brodie as a NFL quarterback.


I have a ton of respect for Bill Cowher, after everything he’s done. And if Bill says Chain Gailey was one of the best, if not THE best, offensive coordinator he ever had, then I’m glad to have him. Six bowl-games, in six years? I’m happy with that, means he had a winning record, even though never beating the Georgia team is like us losing to the Donkeys every year, twice. But as long as we make the playoffs, I’m also cool with that, too. As long as he doesn’t line up in power formations and try running his heart out, we’re fine. Spread the offense out a little bit, utilitize the tools we have, and let LJ get some more downhill running in a 2-3-4 receiver set, instead of stretches/sweeps/tosses in a power formation set. If Chan is smart enough to see that, we’re back baby!

From Jeremy:

 The Broncos had Chan Gailey at the top of their list but couldn’t move quickly enough to secure the veteran coach. After two interviews in Kansas City, the second coming Tuesday, Gailey quickly was named the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator Wednesday afternoon. The Broncos are expected to turn their attention to former UCLA coach and Broncos assistant Karl Dorrell – he coached receivers for three seasons (2000 to 2002) under Shanahan. Dorrell was fired by UCLA after last season. — Rocky Mountain News

Let’s keep the thoughts on Chan Gailey coming in the comments… 

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