Will Chiefs make Tommy Townsend the highest-paid punter in NFL?

Tommy Townsend was an All-Pro last year, but is it worth going all-in for a punter?
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Right now there is no shortage of discussion in and around Chiefs Kingdom when it comes to contract extensions. With training camp looming, it's possible that one or more players won't be too happy if they're asked to return to work for another year without being given a stronger financial place to stand.

While most of the discussion centers on Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones and a bit more can be heard around defensive back L'Jarius Sneed or linebacker Willie Gay, one name that should also be mentioned at greater frequency and volume is punter Tommy Townsend.

Townsend is among the number of Chiefs players heading into a contract year in 2023. That means that each of the aforementioned names are scheduled to hit the open market next March and the rest of the league would love nothing more than to see each of those players leave Kansas City for new teams. While K.C. cannot afford to keep them all, at least one or more should return on a second professional contract.

Will Townsend be one of those returnees? Is it silly to think that punter should be made a priority?