Will Chiefs-Dolphins rank among the NFL's coldest games ever?

The forecast for the Chiefs-Dolphins game could be one for the record books.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos / Justin Tafoya/GettyImages

Inclement weather is a part of "playoff football." Just the mention of the term brings up the notions of pass catchers struggling to catch a slickened football, and centers struggling to hike one. It's the shift to a ground game in the wake of snow or ice or sleet, and watching groundskeepers do their best to keep the important yard markers visible through it all.

But what's on tap for the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend might be one for the record books.

The current forecast for Saturday night's game between the Chiefs and the visiting Miami Dolphins is calling for a game-time temperature of 0 degrees—yes, that's zero—with some snow attached and plenty of wind. That wind chill could get as low as -28, per the National Weather Service.

The forecast for the Chiefs-Dolphins game could be one for the record books.

Will the Chiefs-Dolphins set a new record? While the conditions are going to be miserable for players and fans, and the challenges will be intense to watch, the NFL has several already famous cold-weather games in its history.

The. famous game ever is, of course, the Ice Bowl, otherwise known as the 1967 NFC Championship Game between the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers. In a game featuring legends Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi on the sidelines, it was Bart Starr who became the on-field hero while playing in -13 degree weather. Even worse was that Lambeau's field-heating system malfunctioned, making the condition all the more of an issue.

The Freezer Bowl was played in Cincinnati between the Bengals and visiting Chargers in slightly warmer weather (-9) in the 1981 AFC Championship game. That one featured two slightly lesser legendary coaches (Forrest Gregg and Don Coryell) and boasted the worst wind-chill ever on record in an NFL game (as low as -59 degrees).

More recently, the Minnesota Vikings hosted the Seattle Seahawks in 2016 before they built their fancy new indoor stadium in an NFC Wild Card game and both offenses were miserable in a 10-9 loss for the home team. The game was played in -6 degree weather and is believed to be the third-coldest game ever.

Will the Chiefs vs Dolphins get there? At this point, if current forecasts hold, there will have been colder games but not many. And if you plan on attending, make sure to wear a record-setting amount of layers.