Why standing pat at the NFL's trade deadline was the best thing for the Chiefs

Ready or not, this is the 2023 Chiefs.
Veach has led the Chiefs to Two Super Bowl titles in four years
Veach has led the Chiefs to Two Super Bowl titles in four years / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

With a 6-2 record and last year's Super Bowl trophy in their possession, The Kansas City Chiefs felt little need for upgrades at the trade deadline. There was a loud cry for change after a brutal loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

In each of the Chiefs' Super Bowl runs, the team lost a game during the season that baffled experts and fans alike. Instead of overreacting the Chiefs seem to always know where they stand in the AFC West and the AFC.

Here are five reasons we should be glad the Chiefs stood pat at the deadline.

1. Team Unity

Maintaining team unity is vital for success in the NFL. Making significant trades mid-season has the potential to disrupt the chemistry and rhythm of the team. The Chiefs front office is confident that their roster has the talent, and they chose not to tamper with the winning formula. By standing pat, they are choosing to allow their players to continue developing their on-field relationships and synergy.

2. Financial Planning

The salary cap is a significant and yet complex factor in NFL team management. Acquiring high-priced players through trades can have a substantial impact on a team's cap space. The Chiefs have always been a team that considers the financial implications of any trade and this season they chose not to jeopardize their cap situation, ensuring they can continue to sign and retain key players in the coming seasons.

3. Long-Term Focus

The Kansas City Chiefs have historically not been focused on winning in the short term; they are committed to maintaining long-term success. Trading away valuable draft picks or overcommitting financially for a short-term gain can hinder their ability to sustain success in the future. By holding onto their draft capital, the Chiefs can continue to build for the future and remain competitive for years to come.

4. Trust in Coaching Staff

The Chiefs have a highly respected coaching staff, led by Andy Reid. Rather than seeking external solutions via trades, the Chiefs will look to put their trust in the coaches to make necessary adjustments and improvements. This trust in the coaching staff's ability to adapt and develop their players has paid off quite handsomely in recent years by playing in five straight AFC Championship games and three Super Bowls in four years.

5. Results Up to this point

Ultimately, the most compelling reason for the Chiefs' inaction at the trade deadline is where they currently stand in the division and the conference as a whole. The Chiefs are still well on their way to another AFC West Division title and as of today the AFC Championship still has to run through Arrowhead.