Why Matt Nagy deserves more blame than anyone else on the Chiefs

Only one man is calling the plays, and there is a case for the same man to be on the chopping block for what took place at Arrowhead on Sunday afternoon.

Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade
Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade / Jay Biggerstaff/GettyImages

You can blame the receivers, the penalties, or Carl Cheffers if you so choose, but at the end of the day, there is only one man responsible for this absolute failure of a scheme. Only one man is calling the plays, and there is a case for the same man to be on the chopping block for what took place at Arrowhead on Sunday afternoon. Matt Nagy is arguably one of the worst coaches in the NFL, and his resume is unimpressive at best. Last night he added the castration of a dynasty to his list of career accomplishments.

Say what you will about Nagy's winning record (.523) as a head coach, but you simply cannot support his prowess as an offensive mastermind. The Bears finished 9th overall in scoring in 2018 — his first season as the HC — and never cracked the top 20 again in his tenure. Across his four seasons leading Chicago, the team had a total +26 point differential, which was carried by three top-15 defenses. One of which was the best in football (2018) and another that finished the year ranked fourth in total points allowed (2019). Khalil Mack, Akiem Hicks, Kyle Fuller, and Eddie Jackson were all at the height of their powers in that window, and they were joined by a budding Roquon Smith. Even with those stacked defensive units, Matt Nagy failed to lead the Bears to a single playoff victory, effectively rendering his time in Chicago a net loss.

There is plenty of blame to go around in Kansas City right now, but you can only point fingers at the players for so long. Matt Nagy can't catch the passes for them, nor can he hold onto the ball when they do make a catch. What he can do is ensure that the underwhelming personnel that has anchored itself to this locker room is prepared. Maybe the line judge didn't adequately warn Kadarius Toney that he was offsides, and maybe he shouldn't have thrown the flag, but the offensive coordinator should damn sure have a strong enough grasp on his own play call to be certain his players are appropriately aligned.

We have seen countless bullshit calls in the red zone, an absolute refusal to run between the tackles, and an overwhelming amount of penalties under his watch. The wideouts and offensive tackles took the brunt of our hatred for 13 weeks, but it is high time to place the blame appropriately.

Matt Nagy sits on the hottest seat in Kansas City.

One of the greatest praises enjoyed by NFL head coaches is their coaching tree. Andy Reid has matriculated a number of his former staff to great success beyond his system, and others have been less impressive. None, however, have flat-out sucked the way that Matt Nagy does. Coach Reid is a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame, and he truly does have one of the NFL's strongest coaching trees since Marty Schottenheimer's, but every rose has its thorn.

Based on what we know about NFL coaching opportunities and the pseudo-nepotism that decides them, Matt Nagy appears to be fruit from the wrong set of roots. His name deserves to be mentioned with the likes of Josh McDaniels, Matt Patricia, and Joe Judge, rather than Doug Pederson, John Harbaugh, and Ron Rivera. The similarities between him and the first three are uncanny. They were all lower-level disciples of an all-time great — the former three graduating from the Bill Belichick school of coaching — who embarrassed their predecessor and came home with their tails tucked between their legs.

The sheer percentage of Chiefs Kingdom who was insistent on Eric Bienemy being a "problem" in Kansas City was shocking. If Nagy doesn't receive ten-fold the hatred after this embarrassment on Sunday, we should all feel ashamed.

Kadarius Toney may a bum, Skyy Moore might not be able to separate, and MVS certainly can't catch, but Matt Nagy couldn't lead a group of second graders through a fire drill. He doesn't deserve to be on an NFL sideline, and he damn sure doesn't deserve to be on ours.

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