Who is playing Sunday Night Football?

Fans are in for a treat as the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants resume their longstanding rivalry. The game holds significance for the Bills, who aim to stay in the hunt in the AFC, and the Giants, seeking to halt their slump.
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

This week features a Kansas City Chiefs-less slate on Sunday given that the Chiefs were already featured on Thursday Night Football in primetime. While our favorite team rests, we thought we'd look ahead to another game under the lights as the Buffalo Bills hope to keep pace in the AFC as they take on the New York Giants.

The rivalry between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Giants is a storied one that dates back to the early years of both franchises. While not as intense as some other NFL rivalries, it has produced memorable moments and games over the years.

The Bills, founded in 1960 as an original member of the American Football League (AFL), found their way into the NFL when the AFL and NFL merged in 1970. The New York Giants, on the other hand, have a much longer history, having been established in 1925. The two teams did not meet often in the early years due to their conferences, but when they did, it was significant.

One of the most famous clashes between the Bills and Giants occurred in Super Bowl XXV in 1991. The Giants, led by quarterback Jeff Hostetler, narrowly defeated the Bills, who were making their first Super Bowl appearance. Scott Norwood's missed field goal attempt in the final seconds left a lasting image of heartbreak for Bills fans.

In regular-season play, the Bills and Giants have faced each other periodically, with each team having its moments of success. Over the years, both teams have seen changes in their fortunes, from Super Bowl appearances to rebuilding phases.

The rivalry between the Bills and Giants has not been as consistently heated as some other NFL rivalries, but it's always been a significant matchup when it occurs. Fans from both sides have created memorable moments and passionate games over the years. The teams have met in various regular-season matchups, each time igniting the competitive spirit between these two New York state franchises.

This year, both franchises couldn't be less similar. The Giants are in the midst of a nightmarish free fall from their winning ways a year ago. Brian Daboll's team went from making the postseason last year with a 9-7-1 record to a pitiful 1-4 start to the season. As for the Bills, they're holding onto their contender status while trying to stave off the red-hot Miami Dolphins in the AFC East. Expect Josh Allen and company to take care of the Giants pretty easily unless Daboll's team can muster something besides desperation.