Which team has the best wide receivers in the AFC West?

We continue to break down the AFC West by position, this time with the quarterback's best friends, the wide receiver groups. How do they stack up? We discuss!

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3. Denver Broncos: Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton, Marvin Mims

Other wide receivers: Tim Patrick, Marquez Callaway, Jalen Virgil, Kendall Hinton, Lil'Jordan Humphrey, Brandon Johnson, Michael Bandy, Nick Williams, Taylor Grimes, Montrell Washington

Yet another talented group of wide receivers resides in Denver. While last year was a disappointment, to say the least, we can certainly expect an uptick in the receiving production this year. Unfortunately, the Broncos will be without standout Tim Patrick for the upcoming season. Even if he were totally healthy, the Broncos would remain in our third spot in the positional rankings.

Jerry Jeudy is the headliner here, but many fail to realize that he has yet to have a thousand-yard season. Blame it on bad quarterbacking or playcalling, but entering year four, Jeudy has something to prove. Courtland Sutton and Marvin Mims make for intriguing second and third options. Sutton, a big-bodied, physical receiver is difficult to stop in the middle of the field, whereas Mims is a smaller receiver that makes his living going deep and making plays with the ball in his hands.

Jerry Jeudy

2022: 67 receptions, 972 yards, 14.5 yards per reception, 6 touchdowns
2023: 81 receptions, 1,101 yards, 13.5 yards per reception, 5 touchdowwns

Courtland Sutton

2022: 64 receptions, 829 yards, 13 yards per reception, 2 touchdowns
2023: 76 receptions, 889 yards, 11.6 yards per reception, 5 touchdowns

Marvin Mims

2022: (Rookie, N/A)
2023: 39 receptions, 488 yards, 12.5 yards per reception, 1 touchdown