What is the Kansas Chiefs history on Thanksgiving Day?

The Chiefs have a mixed history when it comes to playing on Turkey Day.

President Biden Pardons The National Thanksgiving Turkey
President Biden Pardons The National Thanksgiving Turkey / Win McNamee/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs aren't playing this year on Thanksgiving, giving them at least one national holiday off to spend with their friends and families. (They're scheduled to play on both Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.) However, they've played more than a handful of games in the past on Thanksgiving and we thought it'd be fun to look back at the Chiefs' history on the holiday.

There are just some things that go together so well and Thanksgiving and football are one combination that's always made sense. We're not sure if Chiefs football in particular feels as "normal" as other teams (e.g. Detroit Lions or Dallas Cowboys), but if we can take a long nap while overstuffed while sitting in front of violent collisions, then we're here for it.

When it comes to the Chiefs, they've played 10 games on Thanksgiving in their team history and they sit at an even 5-5 in those games. (By the way, doesn't it sound far-fetched that the Chiefs have played that many times on Thanksgiving Day?)

Perhaps the most famous Thanksgiving Day game featuring the Chiefs was actually not that long ago, back in 2006, when Herm Edwards was the team's head coach. The Chiefs and Denver Broncos faced each other in an important divisional matchup in a game that set a few Turkey firsts. That KC-Denver game was the first ever between two AFC teams. It was also the initial "third" game on Thanksgiving Day after years of only broadcasting two matchups. It was also a solid 19-10 win at Arrowhead, which makes it a happy memory!

While we're not celebrating the Chiefs on the field today, we're thankful for sustained success and Big Red and Taylor Swift and all the things this year. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Chiefs Kingdom!