Way too early 2025 Mock Draft: KC Chiefs lay a strong defensive foundation

It's always draft season!As the Chiefs wrap up their 2024 draft, there's always time to take a quick glance ahead to 2025.
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 4-7
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 4-7 / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Round 3: Nash Hutmacher, IDL, Nebraska (Titans Pick)

Nash Hutmacher, J.J. McCarthy
Michigan v Nebraska / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

A prospect on the rise, Hutmacher is coming off a 4.5 sack season for the Cornhuskers. Accurately nicknamed "The Polar Bear" by his teammates, he's a physical presence on the interior of the defensive line.

Hutmacher uses leverage well and it's easy to see why since he was a highly-decorated high school wrestler who is currently wrestling at the collegiate level too. NFL scouts love wrestling experience in the trenches and his weight room accolades might make him a candidate for the Bruce Feldman's Freaks list in 2024.

The Chiefs have been searching for a long-term answer next to Chris Jones for years. Keondre Coburn wasn't that guy and now they have a litany of players on 1-year deals to patch the hole. Hutmacher is going to be a run-stuffing interior presence that can bring something in the passing game as well. He's a freak athlete who has lots of intangibles that NFL teams love. A big year out of him in 2024 could have him in the Day 2 conversation.