Watch Tommy Townsend try to wear two Chiefs helmets

There's not a lot to smile about on this Friday morning, but at least Tommy Townsend gave us this.

Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs
Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages

There's not a lot to smile about on this Friday morning, but at least Tommy Townsend gave us this.

If you're anything like us, you're still feeling the internal discomfort on this Friday morning after having watched the Kansas City Chiefs absorb a gut-punch of a loss—on Banner Night of all things. Instead of unfurling the good vibes and starting a title defense on the right note, it was like the entire offense—coaching staff and all—decided to play "Yakety Sax" and put up a laughable effort.

From the numerous drops by Kadarius Toney on a night he's going to try his best to forget to Skyy Moore's total disappearance to Andy Reid's short-yardage aversion to common sense, it was a good night for throwing things at your television or randomly yelling things for your neighbors to hear.

But we did find one Chiefs-related highlight that made us smile on the morning after—courtesy of All-Pro punter Tommy Townsend.

During the broadcast of the Chiefs' loss to the Lions, one very insightful viewer noticed that a player who already had a helmet on seemed to want to put on another helmet. The entire clip is a half-second long but it's also hilarious. I've watched it 20 times now and it makes me chuckle every time.

A helmet is a pretty all-encompassing piece of equipment so it seems weird to think that Townsend even momentarily forgot he had another helmet on. Maybe he was going to try to balance them. Then again, if he felt like us, he likely just wanted to bury his head further into something and two helmets sounds better than one.

It should also be noted that Townsend had a strong night punting the ball as well, and if we could, we'd give him some sort of honorary trophy or ribbon for the productivity and laughter. For now, however, we can at least pass this clip around and be thankful we have this moment.