Understanding what STAR Bonds vote means for the Kansas City Chiefs' future

Will the Chiefs or Royals ever leave the Truman Sports Complex? What does this mean for Kansas residents? Let's get a better understanding of the situation here.
Arrowhead Stadium
Arrowhead Stadium / Kirby Lee/GettyImages

The ongoing future of where the Kansas City Chiefs and the Kansas City Royals will call home took another turn on Tuesday. The state of Kansas has hopes of bringing professional teams into their state. Yesterday, Kansas Legislature passed a proposal, that includes the eventual process of building new stadiums for the Chiefs and Royals.

According to Jonathan Shorman and Jenna Barackman of the Kansas City Star, the state could issue bonds to help secure the new stadiums. In addition, Shorman and Barackman add that Kansas Governor Laura Kelly is expected to sign the proposal or allow it to pass without her signature.

For years, both teams have called the area at Truman Sports Complex home. Kauffman Stadium opened in 1973. Meanwhile, Arrowhead Stadium opened in 1972. Both the Royals and the Chiefs have resided there for over 50 years now. Over time, each site has seen its fair share of renovations, and while each fanbase gets the stadiums rocking when the teams are rolling, both places are honestly dinosaurs in each of their leagues, given the newer stadiums that have been built.

What Kansas Proposal Means In Immediate Future

When looking at how the Kansas Legislature came to this conclusion, let's analyze the results of the bond proposal. As mentioned by Matt Evans of KMBC 9, the proposal passed 27-8 in the Kansas Senate. The aforementioned Star article mentioned that Sales Tax and Revenue bonds, or STAR bonds, may be used to pay up to 70 percent of the stadium's cost.

The teams are set to have their leases expire at Truman Sports Complex in 2031. So obviously, the teams may not migrate to Kansas for a good while yet, if they do at all. But there are already positive steps indicating a potential move. On Tuesday evening, both franchises— the Royals and the Chiefs—released statements about the Kansas STAR bond proposal. "We look forward to exploring the options this legislation may provide," was included in the Chiefs' statement.

The teams still appeared to work with the state of Missouri to find a suitable future to remain on that side of the state line. But with the initial momentum and statements from the teams, Kansas has to feel pretty ecstatic about this initial proposal. And while a potential move to Kansas would not be immediate, the state could increase revenue and potentially add more jobs by bringing the Royals and the Chiefs across state lines.

Where a new Chiefs stadium could be located

In any potential stadium move to Kansas, speculation is that the Chiefs and/or Royals could end up in the Village West area of Kansas City, Kansas. This is also known as the Legends Outlets area. In this development, you have the Legends Outlets Kansas City shopping mall. Children's Mercy Park, home to Sporting KC of Major League Soccer, and Kansas Speedway are located within five minutes of this location as well.

Finding the exact spot, if it is indeed in this area, will be fascinating. But a key thing for the Chiefs, as mentioned by Korb Maxwell, a representative for the team, is that several acres would need to be ensured just for parking spaces. The parking spaces are viewed as a key factor in maintaining the tailgate experience that Chiefs fans have created, as hinted at by Maxwell.

If the Chiefs were to end up near Children's Mercy Park, Kansas Speedway, or Legends Outlets, it would be a move roughly 30 minutes west across state lines. In this region, the current development area is located just north of I-70 and just west of I-435. Assuming the Chiefs would have a new stadium around this location, it would still make for easy access for fans traveling to games.

How Kansas residents likely view relocation

The idea of money and taxes being included to pay for a new stadium may be difficult for Kansas residents to swallow. But if the Chiefs and the Royals were to come to the state of Kansas, most of the state's residents would likely be excited.

As a Kansas resident, I cannot help but be thrilled about the Chiefs potentially moving across state lines. For starters, it would be much closer and easier to attend games. Not that the move is multiple hours, like the Raiders' decision to relocate from Oakland to Las Vegas. But by being that much closer, access to games would be simpler.

Other events outside of Chiefs games would also happen nearby. And with potential increased revenue for the state, residents could have fresh opportunities. I would have to think Kansas residents would have a renewed sense of pride if the Chiefs and the Royals had a shiny new stadium entrenched in their immediate backyard.