Travis Kelce wears Iowa State mascot head due to lost bet

Glad to see he's such a good sport about things.
Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs
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It's typical for the Kansas City Chiefs to make All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce available to the media on a weekly basis or so considering his star appeal and importance to the team. What isn't so typical is seeing him in front of reporters adorning a mascot's head.

On Friday, Kelce took to the podium at Arrowhead Stadium once again to answer reporters' questions about another week of practice and the team's upcoming matchup against the visiting Los Angeles Chargers in Week 7. And he did so while sporting the mascot head of Cy The Cardinal.

Check out the photos below:

Cy the Cardinal is the official mascot for the Iowa State Cyclones, the alma mater of Brad Gee, the Vice President of Football Communications for the Chiefs. Last weekend, the Cyclones played the Cincinnati Bearcats in football and apparently a wager was placed on the game between Gee and Kelce, who attended Cincinnati.

We know what the loser was forced to do. No one made it clear what Gee was going to have to do if the Bearcats won, but Gee clearly knew what he was talking about when making such bets because the contest wasn't even close. The Cyclones won by 20 in a 30-10 rout and allowed only 99 passing yards to Cincinnati on the night.

While Cincy has enjoyed some impressive seasons in recent years, this is definitely not one of them as they're not 2-4 and winless in the Big 12.