Travis Kelce talks about what transfers best from football to acting

Travis Kelce was on Good Morning America on Monday for a short interview.
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Travis Kelce was on Good Morning America on Monday for a short interview.

Travis Kelce is going to be doing double duty this fall in terms of production. He'll be starring in one production as an actor in Ryan Murphy's brand new series on FX and asked to generate production as the primary offensive weapon for Patrick Mahomes in the Kansas City Chiefs offense.

Right around the same time the Chiefs begin their quest for a third consecutive Super Bowl championship, a new horror series entitled Grostequerie will debut on the FX network. The show is the latest brainchild from Murphy who has been responsible for some of television's creepier shows—from Ratched to American Horror Story.

Earlier this year, we learned that Kelce had been cast alongside Niecy Nash-Betts and Courtney B. Vance in Grotesquerie, although nothing has been made known about his specific role.

Kelce appeared on Good Morning America on Monday and spoke about the incredible year he's enjoying, which has included everything from a deepening romantic relationship with Taylor Swift to hosting Saturday Night Live. In the interview, he opened up about the difficulties of acting.

"I’ve been on a few shows before. I’ve only played myself in those shows though. It’s definitely different portraying a character and trying to find the emotions in everything and the understanding of a script and a scene. But it’s a challenge. I feel like an amateur right now but I’m coachable. That’s one thing I know from sports, I’m a coachable guy," said Kelce.

You can catch Kelce's full interview on GMA below: