Watch Travis Kelce lose his mind and shove Andy Reid after costly Super Bowl fumble

This is the last thing Chiefs fans wanted to see.


Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce's first highlight of Super Bowl 58 in Las Vegas came as a result of something that he did on the sideline, as opposed to a big play that he made out on the field.

Early in the second quarter of the contest between the Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City fumbled the ball inside the red zone after putting themselves in an excellent position to put points on the board for the first time.

The 49ers recovered the fumble, which came on a handoff to running back Isiah Pacheco, and a camera caught Kelce flipping out on Chiefs head coach Andy Reid shortly thereafter, presumably for taking Kelce out of the game on the play that the fumble occurred.

That's a play that Kelce is definitely going to be asked about by media members, as it's alarming to see such an experienced player losing his cool like that on his own sideline in a game of this magnitude.

Playing with passion is one thing, but freaking out on your head coach and scaring the dear life out of him on the sideline is usually frowned upon, even for a player of Kelce's ilk.

That's not to say that Kelce's frustration was completely unwarranted, however. Kansas City's offense was extremely stagnant throughout most of the first half of the game. They mustered just three total points over the first 30 minutes of action, and Kelce personally didn't get the opportunity to make any meaningful plays in the first half.

Still, the veteran tight end should know better than accosting his coach on the sideline. If he had an issue with a play call or personnel decision, he could address it in a more mild manner, or at least wait until the halftime locker room where the outburst likely won't be caught on camera.