Travis Kelce says offensive frustrations are 'getting old' for Chiefs

The Chiefs star tight end had a lot to say about the team's inability to operate offensively the way they want.
Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos / Justin Tafoya/GettyImages

If you have found yourself frustrated by the Kansas City Chiefs' offense so far this season, you're not alone. Travis Kelce says everyone inside of Arrowhead is feeling the same way.

While the Chiefs are 6-2 through their first 8 games and tied for first place in the AFC at present, it's clear that the team's offense has been sputtering at key times for most of the season—save for a couple of performances against the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears. From dropped passes and wrong routes to poor execution and odd play calls, the unit has looked out of sync compared with years past.

On Sunday, the frustrations reached their fever pitch as the Chiefs turned the ball over five times on Sunday against the Denver Broncos. It was a comedy of errors that ultimately led to the Chiefs losing to Denver for the first time since 2015.

The Chiefs star tight end had a lot to say about the team's inability to operate offensively the way they want.

On the latest episode of the New Heights podcast, Travis and Jason Kelce spoke about their respective games from Week 8, and Travis in particular spoke honestly about his "frustrations" on the offensive side. It's a rare bit of insight into how a player really feels in such moments and what's happening behind the scenes.

"Felt awkward during the game like we couldn’t get anything going," said Kelce. "You talk about that sense of urgency on the sideline. It didn’t feel like we had too much of that.

"Our defense is playing their tail off, man. For us to keep turning it over, putting them in bad positions, and them saving our tail, it’s getting real one-sided."

Kelce went on to describe the specifics of what's going on, saying that the offense is "stalling" and that these sorts of hiccups and hurdles should not be showing up so late in the year.

"I don’t think I’ve been in a situation where we’ve stalled this much as an offense throughout the year, definitely at this point in the season. We’ve got a lot of guys that usually figure out how to get this thing going. It’s just frustrating, man. Not putting up touchdowns week after week after week, it’s getting old."

On Sunday, the Chiefs failed to score a touchdown for the first time in 30 games, and their red zone woes have been present for most of the season. Ever since an opening game defined by drops and penalties—a loss to the Detroit Lions—the Chiefs have felt like something is not quite right on offense, and Kelce is affirming that feeling inside Arrowhead as well.

Fortunately, Kelce went on to say that he could tell that his teammates were determined to correct course—players and coaches—as the team gets ready to head to Frankfurt, Germany to face the Miami Dolphins in Week 9.

"It’s a challenge at this point in the season to get this thing right right now before it gets out of control and it gets really bad."