Travis Kelce's old tweets resurface on The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon and company had fun with Travis's posts from a decade ago.

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Travis Kelce likely didn't realize that when he put out the word that he was interested in meeting Taylor Swift last summer, he would soon find himself caught up in a global level of scrutiny and fandom, unlike anything he'd previously experienced.

It's not like Kelce didn't already know a thing or two about fame and fortune. The guy was a household name already as a future Hall of Fame entrant and the best tight end in the National Football League. He's rewritten record books with each passing year on the field and showcased his charisma off of the field. It also doesn't hurt to be Patrick Mahomes's favorite target.

Despite being a high-profile player for Super Bowl teams in a globally watched exhibition, no one could ever be ready for the maelstrom of paparazzi and fan attention to come a person's way when they are Taylor Swift's love interest.

From constant updates of where each of them is at any given time and myriad angles of film on any public displays of affection, Kelce is now the constant subject of pretty much every conversation remotely connected to popular culture. If you want to know just how bad it's gotten, how about a moment when The Tonight Show decides to read your own Twitter posts from when you were a teenager as fodder for the masses?

Yeah, that's Black Thought from The Roots and Jimmy Fallon deciding the best use of their comedic chops and entertainment value is to re-read and/or build upon what a 19-year-old Kelce had to say about Taco Bell in a 4-second Twitter post.

Here's hoping the relationship is worth the scrutiny (or at least that he enjoys a spotlight this bright).