Travis Kelce's First 10 years in the NFL is unlike any other tight end in history.

2023 Kelce Jam
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Travis Kelce, Bad Boy:

Before Travis Kelce caught Touchdowns, he was actually a quarterback at the University of Cincinnati until he was kicked off the team for testing positive for marijuana. When he came back to the team, thanks to the kind words of his brother Jason Kelce, Travis made the transition to tight end and vowed to clean up his act. Take a look at Kelces recollection to him talking to Head Coach Andy Reid on Draft night in 2013.

Travis was overall by the book and turned into the greatest tight end of all time, but at times the moment got to Travis, and the Chiefs paid the price. Some can remember when Kelce made a suggestive motion toward a ref during a Monday night football game after a penalty. Still, my personal favorite Travis Kelce, I don't give a care moment, had to be against the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2016. The Chiefs were driving behind the leadership of the great Nick Foles when Travis believed that he had been interfered with in the end zone. Trust me on this...... he was, but in classic Chiefs fashion, there was no flag from the refs. Kelce took offense to that and took matters into his own hands.

Kelce was promptly ejected for this tomfoolery, and forutunetly the Chiefs would also win the game behind emergency quarterback Nick Foles. The reason Kelces ejection was so serious was at the time Kelce was the number one receiver on the Kansas City Chiefs, and it was not even close. The next closest receiver on the list was rookie wide receiver Tyreek Hill with 593 yards. Kelce that year had 1,125 yards. It is fair to say Kelce not being on the field was a big problem, because he was the wheel that made the offense run, and still is going into his 11th season in the NFL.

One final time, before we look to 2023 lets look at the accolades Travis Kelce has garnered in his first ten seasons, and how they stack up against the greats.