Travis Kelce's First 10 years in the NFL is unlike any other tight end in history.

2023 Kelce Jam
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The Kansas City Chiefs have been blessed with great tight ends, including the Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez, who played for the Kansas City Chiefs for 12 seasons before heading to the Atlanta Falcons to close out his career. As Gonzalez left to the sadness of Chiefs fans, the Kansas City Chiefs welcomed in a bad boy out of the University of Cincinnati named Travis Kelce in the third round of the NFL Draft, and the rest was history.

Literally, Travis Kelce has cemented himself in not just the Kansas City Chiefs record book but also the record books of the NFL. The first ten years of Kelce's NFL career is something that no one could have seen coming in the NFL, and Chiefs fans love every minute of it. They are looking forward to the next ten years, but before we do that, let's stop for a second, smell the Lombardis, and admire what Travis Kelce has accomplished.

Travis Kelce's Rookie Year:

Travis Kelce was drafted in the third round of the NFL draft, and there was a lot of hype behind the former Cincinnati Bearcat tight end. Chiefs Kingdom was looking to fill the void that was left by Hall of Famer tight end, and hometown favorite Tony Gonzalez, who played for the Red and Gold for 12 seasons before being traded to the Atlanta Falcons in 2010. This draft pick also lined up with the arrival of Andy Reid and quarterback Alex Smith; little did the Chiefs Kingdom know this was the beginning of what is now being called a dynasty.

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Sadly, Kelce never made it to the regular season because he was placed on IR following a micro-fracture procedure on his knee, repairing an issue related to a bone bruise sustained in the preseason. This was an unfortunate start to his rookie season, but in 2014 Kelce made his presence known early in the preseason. Below is the first touchdown Kelce made as a Kansas City Chief, and it was one of many more to come.

Travis has had an amaing career up to this point, and as of late has been a cool, calm, and collected player, but that was not always the case in Kansas City. Follow me to some of the most memorable "Bad Boy" moments in Kansas City.