Three established defensive linemen who should interest the Chiefs

The Chiefs have a need to go shopping along the defensive line and we've got some players worth checking out.
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We're not sure how they can make it work, but the Kansas City Chiefs could use a shopping trip.

That's not to say the team is desperate. No one should overplay a roster need before the season even starts, especially a team that is fresh off of a Super Bowl win with the game's best head coach and the reigning MVP at quarterback leading the team. But hoisting the Lombardi doesn't keep a team from having concerns, and the Chiefs have plenty of them up front along the defensive line.

The situation is quite clear at this point, even to casual fans of the NFL. Chris Jones is a significant holdout, a man voted as one of the NFL's top 10 players coming into the season who sets the tone for the entire defense for K.C. Frank Clark and Carlos Dunlap are two vets missing from last year's selection of edges, and Charles Omenihu, who was brought in to replace some of that lost production, cannot suit up until Week 7 due to a suspension. Add a lingering injury to Turk Wharton and you have holes and questions both outside and in.

The Chiefs have already made a few moves to alleviate some needs, including the recent trade for Neil Farrell last week, but even he's a second-year run stuffer who can only help the spot next to Jones. It was a good deal, but not in the way that it helps restore what's been lost.

The Chiefs could solve a big portion of this need by figuring out how to get Chris Jones back as soon as possible, but even then, the inexperience and losses up front could still use some help. May we suggest a few names. Here are three defensive linemen we wouldn't mind seeing in Kansas City.

Melvin Ingram

The Chiefs have been spurned walking down this aisle of the pass rushing store before, so perhaps Brett Veach will be a little gun shy this time around. However, there's no denying that Ingram remains a productive pass rusher even as he becomes advanced in age and would give the Chiefs a known commodity returning after a year away.

The Chiefs have had some pretty public pursuits of Ingram over the last few years and each time, he's turned up his nose at playing for the Chiefs. While the Chiefs have been linked with Ingram in multiple free agency periods, Ingram has wound up signing with other teams every time. Two years ago, the Chiefs stated their interest in the press and hosted him for an early spring visit, but a few months later, the Pittsburgh Steelers surprised everyone by signing him in mid-summer.

From there, the Chiefs would trade a low-level pick for Ingram for a half-season of duty, but the following spring, the Chiefs would lose out to the Miami Dolphins in free agency once again—a sign that not every veteran wants to play in K.C. for one reason or another.

Will Ingram be open to a reunion at this point? No one else has come calling, as of yet, or at least with an offer worth taking for a seasoned player like Ingram. But for those who doubt his ability to get after the passer, he was not only reliable enough to play in all 17 games as a situational player for Miami but he added another 18 pressures and 6 sacks to his career totals.