The rest of the AFC blew their one chance at the Kansas City Chiefs

Better luck next year, AFC!

Jan 28, 2024; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce (M) celebrates
Jan 28, 2024; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce (M) celebrates / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs appeared to be washed this year, or at least that's what NFL fans were saying throughout the regular season. From "Patrick Mahomes isn't the same" to "Travis Kelce needs to retire" to "This team isn't scary or a threat," Chiefs fans heard it all about their team during the regular season.

In defense of such statements, it was hard to disagree on some of those points. Mahomes was underperforming because his receivers weren't good, Kelce was getting double and triple covered, and people have overlooked the Chiefs' defense all season long.

The AFC had their shot to take down the Chiefs and still couldn't get it done.

Even with the worst offense of the Patrick Mahomes era though, the Chiefs are right back where no one thought they'd be this season: in the Super Bowl.

This year was the AFC's chance to have another team representing the conference in the Super Bowl and they still couldn't get it done. Despite entering the season with a lethal conference that consisted of Josh Allen's Bills, Joe Burrow's Bengals, Justin Herbert's Chargers, Lamar Jackson's Ravens, Trevor Lawrence's Jaguars, and Aaron Rodgers' Jets while some other threats joined along the way (the Dolphins and Texans to name a few), no one could top the Chiefs when they appeared to be their most vulnerable.

In a year where the Chiefs' receivers couldn't catch even the simplest of passes and the offense was nowhere near as scary, this team still found themselves at the top of the conference once again. The scary thing for the rest of the conference is just that: Even when the Chiefs are at their weakest, they couldn't be stopped. They ran through the Dolphins, beat the Bills in Buffalo, and then stifled the Ravens in Baltimore. Even having to play on the road didn't phase this team.

To make matters worse for the rest of the conference, the Chiefs are going to be in a good situation moving forward. They'll be able to find receivers this offseason and they're sitting in a decent spot when it comes to cap space (they have the 13th most cap space, per Over the Cap).

Whether the Chiefs use some of that money to bring in a big name like Mike Evans or Tee Higgins or they use a few draft picks on some top-notch receivers, this offense should hopefully be humming again in 2024. That's a very scary thought for the rest of the AFC and the NFL.