The Louis Rees-Zammit experiment has no downside for the Chiefs

There's literally zero downside to the Chiefs taking a chance on the rugby star.

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Gloucester Rugby v Northampton Saints - Gallagher Premiership Rugby / David Rogers/GettyImages

For almost every single signing, trade, or move by the Kansas City Chiefs, there are cheers and jeers. That much is understandable, as fans have strong opinions to match their passions for their favorite team, and Chiefs Kingdom is hardly alone in this. But for all of the fact-finding with each transaction, one way or the other, there's only one way to view their latest move.

Earlier this week, the Chiefs added a developmental player to the roster in Louis Rees-Zammit. And for all of the ink spilled about the signing and the opinions tossed around, one thing no one should be writing or saying is that the Chiefs are making a mistake with the signing.

Rees-Zammit is a Welsh rugby star who had a longing to take his considerable talents and athleticism to a new sport. He announced his decision to train for a move to the NFL earlier this winter. Following his own pro day of sorts and tryouts, the Chiefs were able to sign Rees-Zammit to a contract for the 2024 season.

There's literally zero downside to the Chiefs taking a chance on the rugby star.

Here's the rub on Rees-Zammit. It makes sense for some fans to question the future here. It also makes sense to call it a long shot. It's true. By definition, Rees-Zammit is a camp flyer who will be competing against guys who've been playing the sport for their entire lives against top competition. It's a roll of the dice, the flip of a coin, a lottery scratch-off.

There are issues with rolling the dice when you're betting with money that's needed to pay bills. But if you're playing with house money, there's zero downside. That's what the Chiefs have with Rees-Zammit.

Remember this: Rees-Zammit is part of the NFL's International Pathways Program. As such, he comes as a free roster add-on to any team interested in "hosting" him for the season. The league is basically rewarding teams with a free prospect if they're willing to have that player around for the next year. That means the Chiefs can carry Rees-Zammit as the 91st person on the offseason roster.

Even more important, Rees-Zammit would remain a freebie of sorts heading into the regular season. Let's say he remains on the roster and stays on the practice squad. That means the Chiefs would have 17 players on the PS instead of the league-mandated 16 because of the NFL's efforts to expand the game on a global scale.

Given the changes to the NFL's kickoff return rules, the Chiefs have even more reason to experiment with a player like Rees-Zammit in minicamp and the preseason given his skill set and rugby experience. What's the harm in adding to the competitive mix? Nothing. Rees-Zammit is all upside and doesn't cost the Chiefs a single thing.