The AFC West is slowly slipping out of the Chiefs' grasp

What once seemed impossible is now creeping closer as a real option.
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

I'm mad. You're mad. Patrick Mahomes is really mad.

The Kansas City Chiefs are suddenly in dire straights. Their loss to the Buffalo Bills pretty much sealed any chance of them getting the top seed in the AFC. Not that it matters. They can't get out of their own way.

But it's time to forget about the number 1 seed. It's time to worry about getting a top-four seed at all.

This loss, coupled with another Denver Broncos win over the Los Angeles Chargers, means that suddenly the AFC West division title is a lot closer than it has been in a while.

Just two months ago I wrote about how the Chiefs had set themselves up to not only run through the AFC once again but probably wrap up the division by Thanksgiving. In just 8 weeks that prediction has come crumbling down.

Not only is the division not locked up by Thanksgiving, it probably won't be locked up until the final couple weeks of the season—if it's locked up.

Let's be real here. The Chiefs stink. The defense is their only saving grace, and the offense has been letting them down regularly. And it has slowly let the Broncos creep back into the conversation of the AFC West.

This is a reminder that the Chiefs are on a seven-year streak of being the AFC West champions, and it seemed like an eighth was on tap. But is it? Could the Broncos come sweeping in and steal it away? Say it ain't so.

If we compare the schedule, it seems like the Chiefs have an easier schedule to retain the title. But nothing seems right anymore at this point. The Patriots, Raiders, and Chargers seem like they ought to be easy wins over the next four weeks. A Joe Burrow-less Cincinnati Bengals were also supposed to be an easy out but suddenly their backup is looking pretty good.

In contrast, the Broncos will probably have a hard out against the Lions next week. But it's not unfathomable that they will win that game. Then they've also got the Patriots, Raiders, and Chargers (the same Chargers they absolutely trounced today, and may very well have an interim coach next week).

The Chiefs are quickly losing any breathing room. They need to get their act together—quickly. Or they may be staring at a wildcard spot. Another loss or two could even put that in danger.