What another Super Bowl means for the Kansas City Chiefs' legacy

Simply put, the Chiefs can chisel their name in stone in the list of all-time great teams with a win in Super Bowl LVIII.

AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages
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What would another Super Bowl win mean for Patrick Mahomes?

I would be up all night and still writing into the following day if I tried to list every accomplishment or record that Patrick Mahomes has piled up in his six years as a starter in the NFL. It all starts with the team success that he has helped Kansas City achieve. Starting your NFL career off with six straight conference title games, four Super Bowl appearances, and at least two wins is simply staggering. If he can up that to three Super Bowl wins it will only accelerate his accent up the list of greatest NFL players of all time.

Before this game is even played Mahomes is already tied for fifth all-time in Super Bowl wins. A win would move him into a tie with Troy Aikman for fourth all-time. Only Tom Brady (7), Joe Montana (4), and Terry Bradshaw (4) would have more. That is an awfully short list considering Mahomes is only 28 years old and is completing his sixth season as a starter.

Here's what is even more mind-boggling. In six seasons Mahomes has already surpassed Bradshaw's career passing yards and passing touchdowns. I know it's a different era, but Bradshaw was a starter for the better part of his 14-year NFL career. Troy Aikman was a starter for all 12 of his NFL seasons and Mahomes has over 50 more touchdown passes and with a good season next year could pass him in yards as well. We've simply never seen a quarterback start his career with this kind of prolific production and postseason success.

A third Super Bowl combined with the prolific passing numbers Mahomes has put up and his two MVP awards would put Patrick Mahomes on a short list with Tom Brady and Joe Montana for the best all-around quarterbacks of all time when you factor in both production and postseason/Super Bowl wins and he'd have put himself there at just 28 years old. It's simply staggering.

It also is worth mentioning again that he and Travis Kelce now have the most postseason touchdowns of any duo in NFL history. Kelce also broke Jerry Rice's record for most career postseason catches on Sunday so he is growing his legacy as not only one of the greatest tight ends of all time but as one of the greatest pass catchers ever.

Chiefs fans need to enjoy this ride. No fan should ever come to expect or take for granted this level of success. Not only have we never seen anything like this in Chiefs' history, but there are only a handful of all-time great teams that have seen something remotely like this in NFL history. The Chiefs are arguably already in the midst of one of the best stretches of success in all of NFL history. Another Super Bowl win will take any argument about this off the table. There will be no questioning the dynasty and the place in history for this team, their coach, and their quarterback.

So in the immortal words of Andy Reid: "How 'bout those... CHIEFS?"