The five best moves from the Kansas City Chiefs offseason

For the Kansas City Chiefs, it's been a spring and summer featuring tough calls and interesting decisions .
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Re-signing Chris Jones

It's easy for fans to feel uneasy when their favorite team forks over a market-defining contract, and Chiefs fans have good reasons to sweat a bit more when seeing the likes of Chris Jones's contract that set a new high for defensive players in the NFL. But it was absolutely the right move, comfortable or not with the money.

Sure, the Chiefs have been burned by recent large-scale extensions for non-quarterbacks—think Justin Houston or Eric Berry—because it's almost impossible for those deals to look good upon completion. But Jones is a special case.

Jones is the best interior defender in the game and is sneakily climbing the list of the franchise's best ever. He's still very much in his prime and saves his best for when the most is on the line. He's consistently double-teamed and yet still comes away with a pass rush win rate that sits among the league's best. Oh yeah, the Chiefs also have nothing behind him.

The Chiefs are as balanced as ever and that begins by having a true anchor on the defense. With Jones up front and Trent McDuffie in the back, the Chiefs have pillars to hold up the defense for the next few seasons.