The five best moves from the Kansas City Chiefs offseason

For the Kansas City Chiefs, it's been a spring and summer featuring tough calls and interesting decisions .
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The best backup QB yet

No one wants to see any proof that this was one of the Chiefs' best moves, because it will mean something went wrong health-wise with Patrick Mahomes. However, we can't avoid placing the signing of Carson Wentz on this list of the Chiefs' best moves of the offseason.

Wentz is a household name from his early success as the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback following his selection near the top of the 2016 NFL Draft. Despite his considerable fall from grace, Wentz remains a fringe starter in the NFL who found himself (surprisingly) accepting a chance to hold the clipboard behind Mahomes and enjoy a championship run in the process.

Wentz's arrival in K.C. immediately gives them the most talented backup yet in Mahomes' tenure as a quarterback. While Mahomes has proven to be quite durable, the truth is that QB is the most important position in the game and the Chiefs have turned to backups before at key moments—e.g. Chad Henne's shining moments or even a Matt Moore tip of the hat.

We also like what Wentz could bring to other players on the roster as another talented quarterback to work with. For example. Nikko Remigio has been catching passes this offseason from Wentz, and that sounds a lot better than "catching passes from Jordan Ta'amu". Wentz is still a talented young quarterback who has championship experience of his own and he could help the Chiefs in multiple ways—a smart signing by Veach and the best insurance policy yet.