The best (and worst) Chiefs-related fantasy football names for 2023

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Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders
Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Fantasy football team names can run the gamut from completely lame to highly imaginative. And perhaps that comes down to the temperament of the team's "owner" and/or how much they want to invest in the whole affair.

If you're anything like us, you want to have some fun here.

Another year brings another challenge of naming your fantasy football team. Yes, some owners will never change their team name from something given by default like "Team23573". There is also always the person in your fantasy league that never left junior high and makes sure his team name is something embarrassing to ever say out loud—usually involving a body part. Beyond those poles, however, there's a lot of room to have fun coming up with a name.

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Here at Arrowhead Addict, we're happy to help those of you in Chiefs Kingdom who want to bring some level of your fandom to the table while still having fun. Given my personal preference for dad jokes, there will probably be too many of those here. I'll apologize in advance, but at least you can't say we didn't try to spark your own ideas here.

Tapping into Chiefs History

Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe (or Taste Dwayne Bowe)
Leon Sandcastle Tribute Band
Charles in Charge
Nigerian Nightmares
Poe-ny Express
Moons Over My Sammy
Todd Blackledge & The Draftniks
We Play to Win the Game
Take the Diapers Off!
Good JuJu
Henne Given Sunday
65 Toss Power Trap

Rival/Opponent Inspiration

Sirianni's Tears
Ossai, Can You See?
Arden Key VooDoo Dolls
Arizona Grounds Crew
Competitive Pricks
Mark Davis's Barber
Mayor Jabroni

All Things Mahomes

Country Roads, Take Mahomes
Rollin' With Mahomies
Mahoming Missiles
Obi-Wan Mahome
Mahomie Don't Play That

Updated Dad Jokes

Squad Pinkston
Nnadi by Nature
50 Shades of Trey
Creed's Assassins
Deneric is Served
Toney, We Need Moore Rice
Toney Soprano
Skyy High
Chenal No. 5
Crew Tranquill
Hit the Allegriddy
Harrison Buttkickers
Catching Kelce
Stubbed my Toub
The Thuney Bin
Reiding Rainbow
Justyn Rosster Cuts
Clyde & True
Furious George

Et Cetera

Guys in a Snowglobe
Hard Knocks with Eric Bieniemy
Vett Breach Testing Ground
Fantasy Field at Arrowhead Stadium
Defenders of Brittany