The 6 likeliest trade targets for the Kansas City Chiefs

Let's look at some realistic trade targets for Brett Veach and the Kansas City Chiefs at this year's trade deadline.
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Zach Ertz, TE, Arizona Cardinals

If the Arizona Cardinals wanted to sell at least someone on their offense and if the price for a wide receiver is too steep for the Chiefs, then perhaps there's a bit of middle ground for all parties involved with a potential deal for longtime veteran Zach Ertz.

For the Chiefs, they've enjoyed some real offensive success in 12 and 13 personnel with Travis Kelce and Noah Gray as pass catchers in key situations. Blake Bell is limited as an offensive weapon and perhaps his value has dropped to the point where some considerations could be made in the form of a smaller upgrade for an offensive boost.

The real hurdle here is a three-year deal signed by Ertz with the Cardinals in 2022 for over $32 million (there's a reason Steve Keim was fired several months later). The Chiefs would undoubtedly need the Cards to eat a ton of salary here or for Ertz to renegotiate something. Either way, the finances hurt the "likely" nature of this trade.

That said, Ertz's athletic profile isn't what it used to be but he's a very intelligent player whose experience and hands make him a dangerous weapon even into his mid-thirties. Imagine Andy Reid deploying Ertz, Kelce, and Gray in red zone situations. There are so many intriguing offensive wrinkles that could enter the playbook with another reliable pass catcher like Ertz around. At the very least, it's worth a call.