The 6 likeliest trade targets for the Kansas City Chiefs

Let's look at some realistic trade targets for Brett Veach and the Kansas City Chiefs at this year's trade deadline.
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DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Tennessee Titans

It seems like a long time ago at this point, but the Kansas City Chiefs were quite recently rumored to be interested in DeAndre Hopkins. As a free agent, Hopkins was available to every team and he ended up taking the bag to play for the Tennessee Titans, who'd offered him a two-year deal worth up to $26 million.

Remember that the Titans have already swapped veteran defensive back Kevin Byard to the Philadelphia Eagles for low-level draft assets. It's possible that was the beginning of the sell-off in Nashville (and if not, it should be). Things aren't getting any better there without stronger quarterback play and with Ryan Tannehill shelved, the Titans will only slip further in any race for the postseason.

That's what makes Hopkins a good trade candidate at this stage. If the Chiefs were interested only a few months ago, it'd be worthwhile to at least entertain a discussion of what it would cost the Chiefs to trade for him. It'd also be worth asking if Tennessee would have any ability to eat some of his salary.

So far he's proving his doubters wrong with 27 catches for 376 yards while catching terribly thrown passes in a limited offensive system. That's a 17-game pace for 1,065 receiving yards on the season—more than what a lot of fans thought he had left in the tank. Now in Week 8, it looks like the Titans might be ready to sell, and the Chiefs should at least call to see what this might take.