The 5 NFL teams with the worst record ever against the Kansas City Chiefs

Can we play these teams more often?
Washington Commanders v Kansas City Chiefs
Washington Commanders v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs have dominated a lot of teams in recent years, but who have they played the best against?

Let's look at who they have the best records against, according to Pro Football Reference.

5. Seattle Seahawks

  • Record: 34-19
  • Winning Percentage: .642

Younger Chiefs fans might not remember this but for 25 years, the Seahawks resided in the AFC West and therefore played the Chiefs frequently. In 2002 when the Texans entered the NFL, divisions had to be reworked and the Seahawks were sent to the NFC West.

None of that changes the fact that the Chiefs have had tremendous success against the Seahawks during their history, owning a .642 winning percentage against Seattle. The Chiefs have won four of their last five match-ups against the Seahawks with the most recent win coming on Christmas Eve in 2022 (a 24-10 victory), which was the only time these two had ever played each other on a Saturday.

4. Atlanta Falcons

  • Record: 7-3
  • Winning Percentage: .700

The Chiefs don't play the Falcons very often since they're in different conferences but when they have met up, it's been all Chiefs. KC holds a winning percentage of .700 against the Falcons and have won 70% of their match-ups against Atlanta.

The Chiefs are riding a two-game win streak against the Falcons with their latest victory coming in 2020. It was a narrow 17-14 win. The last time the Falcons took down the Chiefs was in the season opener of the 2012 season when Atlanta blasted KC to the tune of a 40-24 victory. It's been all Chiefs ever since though.

3. Carolina Panthers

  • Record: 5-2
  • Winning Percentage: .714

Sticking in the NFC South, the Chiefs have had plenty of success against the Panthers, posting a .714 winning percentage and a 5-2 record over Carolina. The two have only played each other seven times due to the Panthers entering the league in 1995 and residing in the NFC.

The Chiefs are riding a three-game win streak over the Panthers, which started in 2012. Every win has been by six points or fewer though so it's not like the Chiefs have just demolished Carolina every time the two have met up.

2. Arizona Cardinals

  • Record: 10-3-1
  • Winning Percentage: .750

Second on the list is the Cardinals, who the Chiefs own a .750 winning percentage over and have won 10 games against while only dropping three (and recording a rare tie, which oddly enough happened in the two franchise's first-ever meeting against each other). The Chiefs have won two in a row against Arizona with the most recent win coming in the season opener of the 2022 season.

The last time the Chiefs lost to the Cardinals was in the 2014 season and it was a close 17-14 defeat. The Chiefs ended up missing the playoffs by one game that year so a lot of fans circled that game as the reason why KC didn't make the postseason that year.

1. Washington Commanders

  • Record: 10-1
  • Winning Percentage: .909

The team that the Chiefs have had the most success against in the NFL is none other than the Washington Commanders. They own a .909 winning percentage against the Commanders franchise and have only dropped one game to them ever and that happened in 1983 when Washington was good and the Chiefs were bad.

Since that loss, the Chiefs have won eight straight games against Washington. The most recent win came in 2021 when Kansas City handled the Commanders with ease, winning 31-13.