The 3 biggest questions facing the Chiefs early in free agency

Let's look at the runway ahead of the Chiefs and the questions in their path.

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Where's the buzz on Mike Danna?

From a Chiefs' perspective, we don't mean to complain about a lack of attention or buzz around Mike Danna. That's actually good for business for our own favorite team because a lack of commotion around a player means that the stock of that player might not be as expensive as we thought. Hence, is it possible to see Mike Danna back with the Chiefs in 2024?

From every other angle, however, we should be asking from the mountaintops: Why aren't teams in on Mike Danna? The guy is young and proven as a well-rounded edge who is a sponge for a coaching staff with an incredible work ethic. A former fifth-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, he climbed the depth chart to become a starter on a Super Bowl winner and set career marks in numerous categories last year including 50 tackles and 6.5 sacks.

Danna will be 26 this season with plenty of prime years ahead yet he also comes with loads of championship experience. He's humble, goes about his work, seems a model teammate, and has given every indication that his best football is ahead of him.

Multiple teams should be circling with life-changing offers here and the fact that Danna is still available is a major missed opportunity for some franchise.