The 3 biggest questions facing the Chiefs early in free agency

Let's look at the runway ahead of the Chiefs and the questions in their path.

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Will we see a veteran wide receiver signing?

At this point, Chiefs Kingdom is debating every single pass catcher that comes up for grabs and that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's because of an honest desperation stemming from a lack of current options at the position.

No Chiefs fan should be (or likely is) in panic mode because there's a long way to go before the active roster is set and Brett Veach and company deserve the benefit of the doubt. But these are key days in which the Chiefs have the ability to raise the floor of the offense with a proven pass catcher. It doesn't mean signing someone to be an all-world option—the new Tyreek!—but rather just someone proven who doesn't shirk routes, drop passes, or look confused in the midst of it all.

Mike Evans was a mirage. Dreams of Darnell Mooney came and went. Calvin Ridley? Taken. Gabe Davis? Gone. The same could happen soon for Hollywood Brown or Hunter Renfrow or Mike Williams or Odell Beckham Jr. or Josh Reynolds or Curtis Samuel or Tyler Boyd soon enough. There are 31 other sharks in the water, after all.

Remember it took two successive years to convince JuJu Smith-Schuster to sign and previous free agency seasons have included firm denials from Beckham, Reynolds, DeAndre Hopkins and more. The Chiefs typically play hardball with veteran receivers and the results, at least at the position, have been mixed.

Yes, the Chiefs won a Super Bowl with Rashee Rice, a handful of green Skittles, a rubber band ball, and a Mark Grace creased 1988 Topps rookie card last year at receiver. That doesn't mean it's wise to try that again.