3 significant questions for Kansas City Chiefs at tight end

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Can Jody Fortson/Blake Bell stay healthy

When healthy, the Chiefs employ four tight ends at a position that allows them to take advantage of varied strengths in key roles. Jody Fortson's hands and length allow him to take up important space in the end zone on goal line packages. Speaking of short-yardage needs, Blake Bell is the Belldozer for good reason as the team's best blocker. Kelce and Gray are all-around performers made to move the chains on offense.

But what if the tight end room cannot stay healthy? Is there potential for a hole on the roster here?

Recent seasons have featured Fortson on the injured list more than the box score, especailly after an Achilles injury in 2021 and an elbow subluxation in 2022 that landed him on IR late in the year. As for Bell, he missed almost all of last season as it was and already missed part of the team's spring activities this offseason due to an appendectomy.

What if either or both players are ailing once again? Should the Chiefs begin to think about life beyond them since the injury history is there with both? These are important questions to be asked because it makes other familiar options like Matt Bushman, formerly of the Las Vegas Raiders, and Kendall Blanton, formerly of the L.A. Rams, that much more important as they wait in the wings for something to happen.

The good news is that the Chiefs have some decent veterans there waiting for their opportunity even with the depth they already have on the roster. If something happens once again to either Fortson or Bell (or both), the Chiefs should still be okay at the tight end role due to the talent level and coaching already on hand.