Rasheed Wallace is having a lot of fun as a Kansas City Chiefs fan

Sheed is the ideal addition to Chiefs Kingdom.

New York Knicks v Chicago Bulls
New York Knicks v Chicago Bulls / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

Chiefs Kingdom certainly knows no bounds these days with the establishment of a dynasty that looks like it could last for quite some time. Patrick Mahomes has already won 3 Super Bowls in 6 NFL seasons as a starting quarterback, and the roster itself is young and financially trim, meaning the Chiefs should be in solid shape for the next few years in depth and talent.

The reach of the Chiefs extends globally at this point, with fans from all over. (We even have an Australian writer here among our own contributors.) Games in Germany and other countries will only grow the fandom, and other stars on the team like Travis Kelce and Chris Jones are building platforms of their own.

Thus, it's not hard to find a celeb rooting for the Chiefs these days, whether it's K.C. natives like Rob Riggle and Jason Sudeikis or recent additions to the Kingdom like Taylor Swift. But few celebrity fans are as passionate (and fun to watch) as Rasheed Wallace.

We've known for some time now that Sheed is a big Chiefs fan, but we're loving his most recent posts on Instagram following the Chiefs' recent Super Bowl victory to make it two in a row. In fact, Sheed celebrated as much in his driveway with his own wrestling belt.

Yeah, that's Sheed having his own Super Bowl party, dousing himself with champagne (?), laughing maniacally, and slapping his heavyweight belt.

“I told you. I told you. Now you all know what time it is. Y’all know! Wooo! [Laughs] Yeah! Oh, oh, oh… you thought I was finished? That’s two in a row! [Laughter] What? Told y’all! Y’all don’t want it with us!”

Sheed wasn't done from there. He also saved some trolling for the San Francisco 49ers.

We feel ya, Sheed. Ball don't lie.