Ranking every potential primetime game for the Chiefs in 2024 from best to worst

Which opponents are the Chiefs most likely going to face in primetime? Let's rank them all.
Green Bay Packers v Kansas City Chiefs
Green Bay Packers v Kansas City Chiefs / Peter G. Aiken/GettyImages
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Don't Count On It

Carolina Panthers

The worst team in the league during the 2023 season was the Carolina Panthers and they didn't even get to capitalize off being the worst team since they traded their first-round pick to the Bears the previous year. The Panthers aren't projected to be much better in 2024 so there's little reason to put their match-up against the Chiefs on primetime television.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are a well-coached team and that always makes them a playoff contender despite playing in a tough division. The reason I put the Steelers in the "Don't Count On It" category is because they're not a particularly fun team to watch. They'll get plenty of nighttime games but pitting them against the Chiefs doesn't seem like a primetime game destined to be a thriller.