Ranking every potential primetime game for the Chiefs in 2024 from best to worst

Which opponents are the Chiefs most likely going to face in primetime? Let's rank them all.
Green Bay Packers v Kansas City Chiefs
Green Bay Packers v Kansas City Chiefs / Peter G. Aiken/GettyImages
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Division Rivals

I decided to group all of the division rivals together because odds are the Chiefs will play at least one of them in a primetime game. The question of which one (or ones) is totally up in the air.

Denver Broncos

The Broncos will be entering year 2 of the Sean Payton era and there's a solid chance that Bo Nix will be his starting quarterback when the season gets underway. If it's not Nix, it'll be either Jarrett Stidham or Zach Wilson, neither of whom really instill fear in anyone. The Andy Reid vs. Sean Payton angle could be fun but otherwise, this isn't a match-up anyone really needs to see played under the lights.

Las Vegas Raiders

The Chiefs/Raiders rivalry is probably the most well-known out of the AFC West rivalries and that could make this an easy choice to include in a standalone game. They squared off on Christmas Day with the Raiders pulling off the win. Will we see them play a primetime game again this season?

Los Angeles Chargers

Jim Harbaugh is now the head coach of the Chargers and that right there makes the Bolts a candidate to face the Chiefs in a primetime game. Don't be shocked at all if one of these match-ups is a nighttime game.